True Philosopher

When, for example, if question ' ' so that philosophy? ' ' if it will be filosofando, but when we ask ' ' so that mathematical? ' ' also to be filosofando. In this direction, the philosopher is that one that Kant appraises: ' ' In general, if he cannot call philosopher the one that he does not know to filosofar. But if it only can filosofar for exercise and the proper use of the reason. How if it can also learn philosophy? Each philosophical thinker builds its proper workmanship, so to speak, on the ruins of another one; but never if he carried through a philosophical workmanship that was lasting in all its parts. Therefore not if he can in absolute learning philosophy, because it not yet exists. But, exactly we assumed that it had an effectively existing philosophy, could not, however, that one learned that it, to say exactly of itself that he was a philosopher; therefore its knowledge of it never would leave of being only subjective-description.

In the mathematics, the things happen in another way. This science yes can be apprehended, in certain measure; therefore the demonstrations are so evidentes here that all can be convinced them; also it can, thanks to its evidence, taken being in some way as a certain and lasting doctrine. Joeb Moore: the source for more info. That one that wants to learn to filosofar, for the opposite, only can consider all the philosophy systems as history of use of the reason and as objects for the exercise of its philosophical talent. The true philosopher must make, therefore, as thinking proper, a free and personal use of its reason, not a servilely imitating use. But neither a dialtico use, that is, such that if only considers to give to the knowledge a wisdom and truth appearance. This is the work of the mere sofistas; but total incompatible with the dignity of the philosopher, as expert and master of sabedoria.' ' On philosophical knowing, I, 1943, p.46 Kant leaves well clearly that it is not possible to learn philosophy, but to only filosofar. However, we believe that if it can and it must yes learn philosophy, therefore, to filosofar without first knowing what the great thinkers of history had thought can cause repeating of ideas, what compromises the authenticity of the workmanship of a pretense thinker. In this direction, the philosophy education is primordial for the formation of the philosopher contemporary, in the measure where the critical sense is acquired, simultaneously, with knowledge of the history of the philosophy.

In average education the philosophy must basically be a historical introduction, that is, it is essentially history of the philosophy. But this does not want to say that the pupil cannot develop the critical sense. However, the professor must be flexible to the critical sense of its pupil only during the lessons. Thus, the professor does not have to accept what the pupil ' ' pensa' ' in its evaluation for this if to deal with the history of the philosophy. In the University continuity can be given to an introduction, of more dynamic form, but looking for to always explore the critical sense of the pupil with much coherence. Thus, we understand that the critical sense of the individual tends if to develop. The university courses of philosophy intencionam ' ' produzir' ' professors. Thus, all other people’s knowledge, despite it suffers some influence from some great thinker, the history of the philosophy must be attributed all merit to the authentic philosopher.


Gazelle Being

In a similar manner, but conversely, He succeeded the Gazelle that injured a leg while trying to fly, and when he had to run, barely could approve, being that under normal conditions would have been the best. At the end of the course all just they could average the minimum passing grade, so the very annoying King lamented is general mediocrity that he reigned between his vassals. For more information see Jonathan Segal FAIA. Before that universe of students, only one could highlight and was precisely an eagle, that being deaf, devoted himself to fly without making any case from the rest of the mandatory subjects. She deserved the Medal of honor for having achieved the best flight and, therefore, be the extraordinary student of his generation. Frequently Joeb Moore has said that publicly. The failure of our current education system is to try to educate in disciplines in which we have little or no capacity. When all human beings possess potential in any area in particular: scientific, histrionic, transpersonal, interpersonal, etc., we should ask ourselves how we could develop the natural vocation of every human being.

Imagine Mozart studying biology or Mathematics of what would have served to educate that genius in a matter that had no meaning any for his true calling?; If we polarizamos in another context, the hours that had occupied Thomas Alva Edison studying latin or Walter Elias Disney, physical, surely could have, by his intelligence, done that they dominate those areas. By the results which they obtained in their natural areas, I think it was more happy for all humanity which would be devoted to develop their maximum potential. Our educational system is programmed to produce, like the lion in our metaphor, only mediocre, moderately good beings to excellent for anything and everything. What is the activity in which fully manifested his talent? Do you want to be good at everything he does? Has it identified the most important potential of people surrounding it? Do would be able to fully develop that inner call feel in the depth of his being?, from dare to be what you want to be? Do you would be able to stimulate and support to? the closest to you beings to fight for what you want to become? Not much value is required to die, but rather, the value is essential for deciding to live; to dare to follow our inner calling, and regardless of criticism and scepticism, launched to develop our authentic talent.


Italian Furniture Factories

The Italian furniture won his current reputation as "Queen of salons and boudoirs" for many centuries. In Europe, the first time, enthusiastically talking about the exquisite furniture created by the hands of Italian masters, in an era of Renaissance (XV-XVII century). And today, in the best traditions of the old school, Italian furniture is well-deserved recognition around the world because it has a truly magnificent performance. How many centuries ago, the furniture made by Italian factories, is different for excellent quality and durability. If you would like to know more about Teneo, then click here. We use advanced technology and high-quality materials: solid wood and veneer expensive breeds, quality varnishes and paints, leather upholstery.

Many factories willing to take up the manufacture of furniture to order. But often, and production models have a fine finish in the classical style, quirky decor and expensive, exclusive form. A related site: Teneo mentions similar findings. Italian bedrooms often made of veneer and look regal luxury: flowing shapes, carving, inlay, gold foil, gloss. Italian cuisine is ideally combine the functionality and elegant appearance. All the features of contemporary chic embody Italian sofas: increased comfort, expensive upholstery and modular organization. All the big factories of upholstered furniture every year delight consumers with new collections, which means that Italy remained at the forefront of fashion furniture.


We Select The Furniture For Home

Very often when people begin to populate a new house or apartment they start their stay with the repairing and improvement of their homes. By the improvement can be attributed, and purchase furniture. In Soviet times, buying furniture could cause the majority of the population problem, but now these problems are solved. Our current market furniture products is very wide variety of shops filled with sofas and armchairs, tables and chairs and other furniture products. In short, soft and furniture found in shops for every taste! Buying furniture for your home should be guided by several councils. For example, if you live not in a private home in an apartment, then your best option would be modular, rack furniture.

Such furniture can be moved in the apartment, at its discretion and for all that your room will retain its open space and comfort. In such a modular furniture must be present for the TV room or any other equipment. Before buying the furniture very clear what kind of furniture you need and try not to make the whole apartment, it is recommended that the furniture in the room occupied by no more than one-third of its area. When choosing upholstery based on its resistance to stretching, abrasion, and it is desirable that it possess the water-repellent impregnation. If your house or apartment has a small living area, for example one-bedroom apartment, then it will be a sofa sleeper, so make sure that it is easily formed and decomposes. When placing furniture in your house try to follow fashion, style, and try to keep the comfort of your apartment. Do not forget that an excessive amount of furniture in the room – it's not the most elegant solution.


The African

Soon after the permission to the row the African religions start to show its face. However, the historiogrficos registers only appear from the relations of its fidiciary offices establish with the religion of the Portuguese colonizador. (LIGIRO, 1993, P. 23) Ahead of what she was displayed above, our captive could certainly live deeply the African culture, through the religiosidade, as many blacks made when associating the saints catholics to orixs. Isaura, for having privileges in analogy to the other captives, certainly could live deeply a little of the culture of its mother without as many impediments. However, to accept the culture afro would be for our slave to move away from the privileges and advantages, for specifically not possessing something marcante that it sends the African people, in this case the culture.

– Pods to say what to want Rose; but I know well, that in the room or the kitchen I am not more than what a slave as you. Also you must yourself to remember, that if today you find yourself here, tomorrow knows God where you will be. Let us work that it is our obligation. Let us leave of these colloquies that do not have favour none. At this moment the one strokes of a bell hear sineta; they were three for four hours of the afternoon; sineta called the slaves it supper. The slaves suspend its works and arise themselves; Isaura, however is not moved, and continues to weave.

– Then? – escarninho says to it Pink with its air, – you do not hear Isaura? they are hours; we go to the beans. – Not, Rose; they leave me to be here; I do not have hunger none. I am advancing my task, that I began very late. To deepen your understanding kitchens is the source. (GUIMARES, 2008, p.53) 2,4 Personificaes of slaves literarily. In this romance, we have as black personages and afro-descendants, the Isaura principle and with lesser participation Rosa and Andres.


Soccer Traditions

Layout of a football field in the hands of trainers, increasingly suggests that the theory of wins over the practice in modern football. Already few remember Soviet times, where the physically grueling training on simple element allows win the entire tournament, as it was with Torpedo, whose midfield trained only to beat on the door and run. The theory is better than the practice, come to this view, many coaches today. Only Wenger, Ferguson and Van Gaal adhere to the old school, where the practice of intelligent beats Real Madrid and Barcelona. In 2004, The Times published an article a sports writer from Italy Gabriele Marcotte fable about Barcelona Pepe Guardiola. But given that was used did not glorify awards famous footballer, his knowledge and neglect every referee, Paolo Maldini, resume play at the highest level in at least some situations.

Style was to the effect that in football in 2004, an investor format Guardiola was simply not needed. Craft was in no way does not that seem Pep suddenly lost their own capabilities. This does not perceptible physiological footballer housed before the guards, professional know how to divide the transmission according to the perimeter of the field to his own most famous partners – in the midst of those who drew the greatest benefit from its fun: Michael Laudrup, Hristo Stoichkov and Romario. And then, as soon Marcotte wrote his own note, Guardiola was only 33 years – the age of prosperity for those players. But the reality is such that nobody did was not interested in his proposals.


Super Lite Micralite

Pram Literal – is the idea of four people – David Krispera, Henry and Clive Percival Sleka. These people have created what is called modern pram Literal. Innovative design, functionality and maneuverability distinguish models of this brand. But the important plus brand Literal – the most simple system transformation. After completing a major design training in 2003 stroller Literal Fast Fold won first place in the competition for innovative design. Currently, the British company Micralite producing various baby products. Children’s clothes shops around the world exhibiting the company’s products Micralite. Click kitchens for additional related pages. Pram Micralite quality, safety and comfort products.

Model stroller Micralite Toro Stroller is made not so long ago. It has a style and innovation in design. Pattern is emerging, and thus takes up less space, and the material of which it is made of good quality and practical. Many celebrities have bought their children stroller Micralite. In addition to the comfort of folding stroller Micralite Toto Stroller permitted without the hassle to call in on the curb. This stroller is a set of pump for tire recreational unit, convenient baskets, chassis, cover for your child’s feet and a practical raincoat. With this year due to production of advanced lightweight stroller models – Super Lite.

Besides all the qualities inherent in previous models, This form will delight young mothers to their low weight and ease of management. The mass of the wheelchair is not more than 6 kg. Models Super Lite combines the portability and ergonomics, they can easily manage with one hand, and construction permits, without anybody’s help only movement add salute. Comparing this model with traditional wheelchairs, parents always feel pleasant surprise.



1. New standards are acceptable to producers for governmental customers who are subsidized by the federal budget. Private hospitals or high-level medical centers in the large commercial structures and acquire new equipment because they have appropriate funding. The latest model of equipment may be purchased by or for the specialized agencies which have the ability to treat very difficult cases, or for scientific research centers. Prices for the new system is extremely high and may reach 2.5-3 million euros. For a small private MRI centers purchase of new equipment in most cases is not acceptable because of too high cost of such equipment. 2. Low-floor MRI (0.3 – 0.5 T) may look attractive to potential investors.

However, detailed examination of their possible is that it is reproduced on obsolete technology devices that have limited functionality. These devices, on the one hand, have very high weight (50 tons), which greatly complicates the process of preparing and costly premises. On the other hand, such devices being outdated, in principle can not provide a “picture” of proper (modern) quality and levels, which inevitably discourages potential patients. The order price of such scanners is 1 million Euro. Purchase low-floor MRI – it is in most cases a waste of money, because in the end it turns out that still need to buy equipment with great potential. 3.

Acquisition of “b / a” systems sold by independent brokers dismantled vehicles that fail the quality of diagnosis), carries a lot of hidden technical risks due to lack of control by the manufacturer.


German Restaurants And Festivals Increasingly Popular In Hong Kong

Knuckle of pork and beer at the Oktoberfest in Hong Kong German specialties enjoy increasing popularity in Hong Kong. “” “” Whether it the restaurant chain Cafe Deco “with their two Berlins” is branches, or the five King Ludwig Berry’s “King parrot”, the metropolis is estimated more and more German dishes and German flair. German food and drinks are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong, the population is now more familiar with the international cuisine. “Above all, it is the younger generation who tried, whether for example the knuckle meets their taste nerve”; Mandy explains Chan, spokeswoman of King parrot. But not only the food thrilled the guests, the convivial and cosy atmosphere that prevails in the German restaurants in the city, fits to the Hong Kong food culture.” The figures show that German food have found their way to Hong Kong: 2012 imported the metropolis food and drinks worth 398 million euros, an increase of 2.3 percent compared to the previous year. 253 Million euro of which accounted all alone foodstuffs of animal origin, frozen foods with pork and milk powder. The increase may be as a percentage not particularly high, but he reflects the continuous growth and shows that more and more Hong Kong German food taste”, explained Yasin Gulben, General Manager of COBA enterprise Hong Kong Ltd.

founded in 1989 by a German businessman, COBA enterprise Hong Kong Ltd sells also food and drinks in addition to chemicals and electronic products. Joeb Moore is likely to increase your knowledge. The products, many of them German origin, targeting especially the markets in Hong Kong, Macau and southern China. Until a few years ago, I was looking in vain domestic products as well as many German expatriates in Hong Kong. COBA foods Hong Kong with a sea salt brand from South Africa had started. As of 2009, began the company in its product portfolio to absorb ham and bottled beer, with quite satisfactory result, sausages, “, explains Gulben. Go to Joeb Moore for more information.


Study Stages

It starts with the work of the so-called general, that is, those from which you can get an idea about the main issues, which is adjacent to the chosen theme, and then is Search for highly specialized material, after which the subject is usually specified to change. Specifying the subject of study as a result of the literature, students begin to develop hypotheses. This is one of the most important moments of the Study. Hypothesis must be testable, have assumed to be logically contradictory, match the facts. Already during the development of hypotheses, defined goals and objectives study.

Note that the division into stages is rather arbitrary, especially in practice, what is the research and development activities. Nevertheless, this division is necessary for educational, explanatory purposes. In practice, sometimes called the stages overlap, and even reversed, depending on the specific situation of the study. As the educational practice in the early stages of mastering the skills of scientific work at the university students, especially, lacks the experience to its organization and the experience of using different methods of scientific knowledge and application of traditional scientific practice of logical laws and regulations. The choice of method studies performed with the necessary guidance of the teacher who assists students in selecting the necessary research techniques and introduces students to the traditionally used in a specific science techniques, more precisely, with that part of them, you want to use in their work. The training for the study can take place either in the form of special courses and in the form of individual lessons.