The Southern European Center for Contemporary Finance

In the years since its establishment, the SECCF has worked tirelessly to help develop the region’s financial industry, boosting its economy and assisting business success which will then result in an improvement for society at large.  It achieves this through providing the opportunity for discussion and analysis on important ideas that can be thrown around between policymakers, academics and others in the financial industry.

In addition, foremost in the philosophy of the SECCF, is its dedication to justice and ethics, as well as good, efficient and caring management in the financial sector. Success is only enjoyed when it is achieved in a good way.

As well, the SECCF has been successful in helping its regions work with other regions, not just in Europe but around the world.  So for those seeking sound financial advice; assistance in the business world with financial expertise; tips from economic policymakers and capital resources, the SECCF is a good first address.