Religare Art Initiative

The raw touch of the space adds an art brut feel to the interiors. To me the interior recalled Fernand industry tubular Leger machine art. The interior looks like a roving installation and breaks the space and reduces possible monotony. The visual movement in space is created by the use of glass walls. You can visually reach out to spaces and your curiosity moves your feet onwards. The viewing space also climbs up like a mountain trail and offers an individual personal communion with the art work.

The restaurant is enveloped by exhibition space and you will be able to combine the aroma of an espresso with equally strong art that Religare is betting on to serve as a main course. The resource centre will be useful to seek references to artists and their works and all that concerns art. Thus what I said in the beginning about the distance between galleries and museums, Religare Art Initiative attempts to bridge it. They are not just a gallery but aim to combine functions normally devolving on museums. It is a new concept for India since they intend to enrol artists, art lovers, researchers to be members of a new art fraternity and work as it muscles and sinews and of course it heart and brain.The first of the exhibition they launched is called Outer Circle synonymous with location of the place but also carrying a double entendre in reference to the art of the young upcoming artists that is showcased.

They have decided to include varied forms and media of artistic expression namely paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, video from 16 of the upcoming artists. Seasoned experts Alka Pande and Mukesh Panika are the curators for the maiden exhibition running through October 2008.Need for logisticsThe other day while talking to some art collectors we happened to focus on the problems being generated in art field. There appears to be a lack of really creative artists in sufficient numbers to create a more broad based art collection. A few names circulate from gallery to gallery and while the new art shops deal in a kind of calendar photo pictures probably debasing the aesthetic tastes of collectors.Secondly every person who is worth a couple of visits to art exhibitions received that he is an art expert, dealer, consultant, advisor, curator. A gentleman who left his pen pusher s job to hold exhibitions called up an artist friend and requested him to grace the opening of the exhibition since he had one of his works in the show. My friend on arrival discovered that it was another artist s work who shared first name with him and this art expert did not know his B s from p. s. A lot of drift wood and flotsam appears when river rises. I hope Religare team knows that, with a fine reputation and professionalism of the mother organization to back them their job is cut out fine. They will have to work overtime to create a neat, transparent art space so that the dead wood is swept aside and a new synergy is created in art.Bon Voyage!


Put Your Nose At Us!

Free trial week in the artistic folk high school from 14 to 19 February 2011 on February 14 in the spring semester 2011 starts the artistic folk high school (KVH) up to 190 courses, weekend workshops and lectures in arts and culture. To provide insight into the course events and varied of the KVH all aficionados, can in the first week of the course every man and every woman free of charge a taste to your heart’s content and try out. See more detailed opinions by reading what kitchens offers on the topic.. From 14 to 19 February a picture of portrait, Act, various techniques (such as watercolor, oil and acrylic) painting, printing, jewelry design, sculpture, ceramic, Tiffany, just a few to mention furniture restoration and fabric design can make themselves and people who want to be creatively active, visit the courses from the wide range of the KVH. With experienced and competent teachers to a page that are also art professionals are the participants. Kitchens can provide more clarity in the matter. They provide the positive and stimulating atmosphere, an individual allows for artistic development. (Final) Questions: Like artistic folk high school..


Business Processes

General-purpose platform ‘ OGiTiX University machines ‘ links, coordinates and any automates integration bus uses existing infrastructure elements and Cologne, is therefore quickly implementable 23.02.2010 – that has software house OGiTiX Software AG with OGiTiX University materials”developed a new platform for the automation of IT and business processes, consistently and continuously oriented towards the principle of simplicity. OGiTiX University materials “combines, coordinates and automates processes and is universally applicable to very different process requirements. Just use as the solution for the design or modification of processes, is their implementation into existing IT infrastructures. Cabinets often says this. The automation of processes has been traced so far in particular therefore commonly only restrained by the companies, because the appropriate tools, not least because their difficult technical integration conditions have caused very complex implementation projects, also proved in practice the handling in the design, Change and merging workflows as a relatively complicated”, judge OGiTiX CEO Markus Forster. Despite the commonly recognized need for action, this made a decision hurdle. “With OGiTiX University Babe ‘ process automation is actually child’s play.” This allows a concept which does not replace the management tools existing for different tasks be merged the existing infrastructure elements only via an integration bus. The ease of use shows in the example of the connection of different systems and applications. Through the integration bus from OGiTiX University materials”disappear the boundaries between the systems and are separately stored data as a whole.

Of the systems and applications even something changes it in its purpose, nor with regard to their responsibilities. Vadim Belyaev is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Only the following steps are necessary: 1. define system / application: the user selects the appropriate to the system or the application interface. Should they not be available, can be created it using common scripting languages fast and cheap. 2. interface configure: because systems or applications are never just installed in the company, adjustments must be made.

Easily realize this can be with OGiTiX University materials”by the parameters of the interface are set to the required values. It is adapted to the specific environment without that something needs to be programmed. 3. data use: then the data from the selected system are already available and can be obtained via workflow. Relatively similar to easy to undertake the coordination and the automation of processes”, emphasizes Forster. At the same time a high level of transparency can be, guaranteed by revolving documentation what is alone in terms of the requirements for the safety of revision processes essential.” About OGiTiX Software AG, the OGiTiX Software AG is a German company based in Cologne. OGiTiX’s solution combines the existing Systems, coordinate and control the processes and automate the business – and IT-services. Projects and operation are very cost effective, because they are made without programming and without lengthy analysis phases with rapid results. OGiTiX strengthens the role of a responsible IT within the company. An IT that supports business processes directly, actively works on the business objectives and thus contribute value to the company as a whole.



The most important reason of acquisition public areas in a massive and expensive furniture, then, that in these rooms is a large flow of visitors, so furniture, located in the hotel's public areas, is experiencing double dynamic load virtually clock. Furniture, designed by our designers and artists gathered – cabinetmakers meet these requirements of strength. Closets may not feel the same. We use only quality fittings leading manufacturers, In addition, there are some features of the manufacture of furniture for hotels, allowing it to achieve greater strength as compared with the usual individual furniture, and we have our own set of tricks accumulated over years of work. Stand reception and furniture made by us for your hotel, take a long time to serve you and your guests. Stand respshen made of durable materials, its base – made of wood. Stoelshnitsa can be wood or stone, usually use granite or marble. Form rack depends on the configuration of the reception room: as a rule, than it is roomier, the longer the stand.

In small rooms organically looks semi-circle. But in Anyway rack ends bend towards the wall – so that the work area had no access from outside. Installed in the waiting room sofas, chairs, stools are usually soft. Carcase material is almost always – a tree. Forms of these items are selected in accordance with the designers, they are in harmony with each other. Usually, sofas and chairs made with lower legs.

Such a form, on the one hand, it allows you to visually perceive the furniture as a solid, but with the other – makes cleaning floors beneath it. For registration of the hotel public areas, you can use different types of wood. Traditionally considered a cherry, walnut, oak, beech, maple, walnut root. Beech, cherry and walnut – the same ageless classics that are always relevant. For the price mentioned species can be attributed to the materials of the middle category. More expensive – rosewood and Karelian birch, but apply them in the design of hotels impractical: it is very expensive. For furniture, we use natural wood and furniture own drying facilities, located in the foothills of the Caucasus. We can help you arrange a hotel, so that in the design of each individual Hotel rooms will be present a certain sparkle that distinguishes it from others, but all together they will create the impression of harmonious spaces, linked by one common aim.