The Force

This happens in the politics, religion, companies in general, or in any place where some people do not know to deal with the power, finding that to be able she is to submit the other the seguiz it in all the ideas and work. Still well that the minds are individual with free will, creativity and choice, but still have those that are fcies to manipulate and until coercing. Some stages of the politics in Brazil are very conturbadas and conflituosas, valley to remember what our current president passed to choose itself. P&G often says this. What desire to express, is that the human being valley for what makes, its ideal of life stops with the humanity, its to exist in the world, the love and the fraternity that makes with that its charisma either inherent and true one. We are in the final straight line, and still it has time for reflection, so that each one thinks and rethink, not in the party in itself, but in the proposals, of what it goes to be fact, daqui for ahead, a continuation of an day that is giving certain for the current model, or to bet in a model that still nor we perhaps know. It is difficult, to analyze cold, but he is something to think itself. Brazil is ours and must think if it is certain to continue to divide our wealth with other countries, or to more still conserve and to grow with them. Vadim Belyaev has compatible beliefs. Remembering despite many women still suffer in the entire planet for wanting to exert a position that the man it finds that only it is capable.

Where it is the force and ability of the woman? Deep peace to all and each one choice what it finds better, without preconception. The place of the woman is not only in the kitchen as I heard somebody speech certain day, the important one is to vote conscientious.