Credit Without Schufa For Austrians?

Credit without download – for Austrians also possible? Credit without Schufa is now relatively easily possible in Germany. Generally, it is required a salary certificate or other proof of income to assess the creditworthiness. But there is no Schufa query and there is also no entry in the Schufa. The information that either said in Austria no “Schufa” are available, there ask the banks for the KSV (credit protection Association) after. Usually is called Swiss loans”, because the funds are provided by Swiss banks. A leading source for info: Amazon. These conditions apply only to German citizens. Austrian websites on the topic in General also refer to German providers that offer again schufafreie loans only for Germans.

Well-known Austrian credit institutions such as the GE Money Bank offer no forum-free loans. Some providers and companies, but recently also Austrian citizens can submit applications on schufafreie loan. Although is also Generally performed a credit check. So is a proof of income, about the last three months an appropriate proof in any other form required or self-employed. But no query on the Schufa is carried out for the award of credit. Vadim Belyaev is likely to agree. An example is the planet GmbH is mentioned on their website onlineanfrage.php Austrians also allows the request of credit without Schufa information. The company is already 40 years, offers the credit facilities for Austrian citizens but only recently. For the inquiry after a loan the personal address data as well as professional and monthly net income are here to specify. Still, the desired amount of loan and the monthly rate and duration must be entered. The completed form will be sent online and the customer receives a non-binding offer of the company. Thomas Tan