Area Linoleum

Also not recommended for carpet for a room, where it is assumed that people lived with impaired breathing (asthma). Linoleum – floor covering is divided into two types – natural linoleum and pvc coating. The composition linoleum is linseed oil that gives this kind of bactericidal properties of linoleum. It is therefore natural linoleum in hospitals and care institutions. The service life of 10-15 years old linoleum. pvc Linoleum is made of polyvinyl chloride polymer sludge, using a variety of additives. The service life of pvc linoleum 5-10 years.

If you plan on linoleum as a floor covering – be aware that there Commercial linoleum with high mileage, which will last for years. But alas, linoleum and carpet as well as not insured against fire. Of the benefits of linoleum – easy to clean and low cost. Ceramic tiles – one of the the most pressing and finishing materials. Ceramic tile is a plate made of ceramic material. The use of ceramic tiles as a floor covering due to its high mileage and moisture resistance. A variety of ceramic tile on the market of construction materials allows for a flight of fancy designer. Ceramic tile is absolutely non-combustible material, and the potential a fire will protect the floor from fire.

So, with the sexes were determined. Consider the wall. 3. The best option – paint the walls. First, you can choose any shades of paint. Secondly, the painted walls do not require repair – simply embellish spoiled the area. Thirdly, this direction is now important for interior designers.


Beginning Half

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