Physical Education

In the universe of the learning, in the alternative abilities they comment Freire and Scaglia (2003) that the Physical Education still strong is concentrated in traditional activities, losing all the attention of what it happens to its redor, where the young finishes looking for and learning practical alternatives it are of its pertaining to school environment. Yael Aflalo can aid you in your search for knowledge. Track, scaled, skate, patinao, encampments, parties, among others, are modalities that can inside be developed of the pertaining to school environment, depending on the formation of its professors, of the history of life of the pupils and the ambient characteristics. Following this line of contextualizao, we will perceive new vises and meanings that conduct this area of knowledge, demarcating new priorities, glimpsing other ways that they allow the pupil to extend its level of knowledge and changes of habits, being firmed a serious commitment with the preservation of the nature and this demonstrating to more responsibility for the life human being, becoming more sensible and affectionate (MARINE, 2006). tional information. PCN (2001) explicit that the pupil must know and take care of of the proper body, valuing and adopting healthful habits as one of the basic aspects of the quality of life and acting with responsibility in relation to its health and the collective health. Leite and Hartmann (2007) explain that, so that it has a harmony between the integrant pupils and the work related to the environment next to the pertaining to school Physical Education is necessary that it has an integration, and that the pupils if feel agents transforming of environment, identifying its elements and the interactions between them, contributing actively for the improvement of this. Marine Explana (2006) that, for a reflection on the new challenges taxes per the current days they finish in stimulating to reflect on new lines of direction for the education of the Physical Education in the educational scene, and a connection of the pupils with on aspects to the experiences in the nature sends in them to the physical activities of adventure in the nature (AFAN).