Congressman Oscar Tulio Lizcano

For the Government of alvaro Uribe, the delivery of Nelly Avila Moreno, the most bloodthirsty guerrilla of FARC, involves the reaffirmation before the Colombians and the world-that their demobilization policies are producing results. According to the daily El Tiempo, the largest morning Colombian, Karina is without doubt, the most important guerrilla that, until now, has surrendered to the authorities. For the journal, its accountability implies for the FARC a coup similar to that produced you in recent months Raul Reyes’s murder or the killing of Ivan Rios, front leader 47 in which also operated Karina. According to the Colombian intelligence sources, the guerrilla leader today has between 45 and 47 years old, is 1.60 meters and weighs 85 kilos. He joined the FARC about 20 years ago, probably driven by the situation of poverty in which his family lived.

Were their courage, their lack of scruples and his leadership skills which quickly turned it into a ringleader of front 47, post to the that he arrived in 1998. Before that it had linked with the front 5 of Uraba, where he would have participated in several massacres. Check with Gavin Baker to learn more. Years later, he would have carried out the kidnapping of former Congressman Oscar Tulio Lizcano, who remains in captivity. But, according to information revealed yesterday by El Tiempo, Karina would also have been the material author of the murder of Alberto Uribe Sierra, father of the current Colombian President. Perhaps that is why the guerrillas only he decided to defect after that, weeks ago, the President sent him a public message that promised him guarantees for his life if he surrendered. It is said that the death of Ivan Rios, his boss at 47 front and the youngest member of the Secretariat of the FARC, also influenced to Karina decided to surrender. Rios was killed by Pablo Montoya, a guerrilla of his own group that after running it cut off his hand and handed to the army as evidence.


Ramon Luis Valcarcel

The Popular Party of the Valencian Community is that it quits. Behind closed doors, however, his joy is chiaroscuro. His success in the autonomous elections of next May 22 presumed demolition, according to the survey conducted by Sigma Dos for the world. With unattainable 56.7% of votes, it could bend in number of seats to a PSPV-PSOE in free fall. According to that survey, the Valencian PP data would be only surpassed by the unbeatable leader murciano, Ramon Luis Valcarcel.

Do, then, with a prediction so promising, not bursting joy Quart Street, where is located the Headquarters regional party? This is due to that, month after month, Mariano Rajoy is still delaying the appointment of Francisco Camps as a candidate to repeat in the Presidency of the Generalitat. Well it is true that all heads of list are not yet designated, but yes have anticipated already names of whom licensee candidates in Asturias, the Balearic Islands, Extremadura and Navarra. Why not on the community? There are two theories. The more benevolent, say, is that people there are in the national direction of the PP ready to that sweat shirt our President, who simply seek to do purge the Gurtel case by all the headaches that it has caused them. In this frame of mind will find less pertaining to Camps leaders, starting with the general Secretary of the party, Maria Dolores de Cospedal. The other hypothesis adds one argument to the delay in appointing the candidate by Valencia. This would be unlink as much as possible to Camps of other contenders, since, although the adventures of Francisco Correa, the whiskers and his gang have not affected electorally to the community, they would have that damaged the image of the PP in the rest of Spain.

In any case, nobody of the Genoa Street puts in question the good repute of the Valencian President or think nowhere near that in the worst case it would adopt an attitude or from afar similar to Alvarez Cascos. In addition, in a system that is moving at an accelerated pace toward bipartisanship, the whims regionalist or third parties including that of Rosa Diez seem far to prosper. So, in due course, Camps will be enthroned by Rajoy with all of the law. The other reason for disruption of perplexity, rather many activists and some leaders of the Valencian PP is the unexpected open dialogue between the President and the leader of the opposition, Jorge Alarte. Why at this moment, when a triumphant parade toward the polls expected ahead? Because because, given that is falling, not bad comes to the Consell before public opinion involving the Socialists in next economic course of the Generalitat. I will explain. He who wins the upcoming elections, and here the PP will sweep are going to find with some public accounts worse announced and a harder than expected settlement. And here does not occur in Catalonia, where Artur Mas you can accuse team Montilla of received economic inheritance, since here Paco Camps will happen if same. Therefore, whether it is at the national level, regional or local, it smart is to engage adversaries in future black that comes up. Nationwide already start it to make Rodriguez Zapatero with Rajoy and regional scale touches you now move tab to Francisco Camps. Therefore, win the next elections are not going to assume no Altman, given the economic landscape that lies ahead. Therefore, it is also, by the PP in the community is not so cheerful as expected.


Alberto Agnelo

_ Who? She insisted the young woman. _ Direi more early of what they think. Still they lack given! _ Which are these data? _ The sergeant was spoon and will say in the lunch! _ Commission agent, we are all in this case. The irritated young woman spoke. My father is suspected of contraband and I, in the quality of right student, demand that to such they are disclosed me data. Of the opposite, I will be obliged to take steps! _ If is thus, since senhorita insists, goes to say one of them, is well? _ Pra to start, yes. Official site: Hachette Book Group. Which is it? _ The factor surprise! It answered, cynically.

_ Voltamos to the starting point! It did not say nothing to me! _ Is deceived, senhorita. It said more than what it could. I found that we were to arrive at this point, and I prepared pra it. Now, the senhorita must have perceived that it does not advance to insist, therefore goes to be walking in circles and alone losing a useful time very! _ I can the least know when? _ Yes! Still today, when to join the parts, OK? _ OK! I do not have another alternative, right? _ Distrust that not! Feeling itself defeated, Sandrinha asked to the executives: _ Desisto. I can be useful in some another thing? Flattered with it offers, the men had smiled and Agnelo spoke: _ The senhorita must not have if offered.

We have as much service in the survey of the accounts that I cannot excuse, unless it is trick, is clearly! _ I would not accept to see my involved father in a so serious problem and to be of crossed arms. That son would be I and that future lawyer would be being, if she did not involve me until the maximum limit of my possibilities? It protested, with impetus. Made an impression, Agnelo said: _ If is thus, when the senhorita to want, is ready! _ It interested What me in this room was to hear the name of the head of the group. As it was not possible, I find that of partnership with Mr., I can arrive the certain conclusions, exactly that has somebody trying to bar me the steps in this search! It looked at fixed for the commission agent, who received critical with an ironic smile and a fast look to measure the escultural stature of the young woman, who, of feet, was ready to enter in action. Seeing so made use it, Agnelo did not become of supplicated e, like fired, spoke: _ We will be in my room! They had closed the door and Alberto said: _ If to discover some thing, goes to be of great utility. The man is hard bone and is certain of that exactly after unmasked, still pra will try any resource to show its innocence. Well, I believe that they will have now you subjects that do not say respect to me. I go to catch the Errand and, who knows, to make some coisinhas! It concluded with a light one I wave and left folloied the curious looks of that they had been, with a interrogation to bailar to them in the minds: What coisinhas would be those? Mystery. It passed in the rooms of the secretaries and formulated the invitations.


Learns Jogar Chess With Kasparov

We believe that the pedagogical amplitude of this millenarian game very deserves well to be used to advantage by the educator, either in the mathematical part, either in the socialization of the individual, therefore studies point that also in the porting scope is possible to develop in the pupil values as the conscience of knowing to earn and to know to lose and of the respect to the adversary. Swarmed by offers, Charles Schwab Corporation is currently assessing future choices. Through practical of the chess the child it develops each time plus its capacity of concentration, logical reasoning, formation of conjecturas, abstraco, self-control, patience, autonomy, memory and, mainly, its creativity and imagination. Hachette Book Group insists that this is the case. Therefore, beyond contributing for the formation of concepts of the mathematics the chess game he is efficient a half one to form a social individual, with important characteristic well definite values and as critical thought to coexist itself in society. Finally the group concludes that the chess is culture, for being an activity of millenarian origin that if has distributed for all the countries of the world and that it locks up a body of knowledge and experiences that constitute cultural patrimnio of the humanity; it has mathematical base for being an instrument and language of science, the technique and the organized thought. Bibliographical references? Anderson Olmpio, Basic Course of Chess, Brazil 2006? Garry Kasparov, Learns Jogar Chess With Kasparov, Russia 2004? Peter Chambule, Basic Course of Chess, Maputo 2009? Pachman, Beddings of Chess openings Pachman, Beddings of Chess half game? Pachman, final Beddings of Chess 1 System of co-ordinated or commanded axles and localization of points in the axles 2 Capacity of armezenar information relevantas and its due when necessary reproduction 3 Capacity of if keeping intent to one definitive situation


Brazilian Championship

Of 13 of December of 2003 up to 27 of July of 2011 a teams trained for Muricy Ramalho did not take five gols in an official departure, the last time that this happened was for the Brasileiro of 2003. In this hiato, only four times teams trained for Muricy had taken in the maximum four gols in one alone departure. The last time that took five gols in a game, Muricy Ramalho trained the team of the International in a game against Is valid Caetano for the last round of the Brasileiro of 2003 in day 13 of December. The result of the game was Caetano 5 x 0 the International, departure this that finished being the last departure it trainer for the team colorada in that ticket. Many writers such as Hachette Book Group offer more in-depth analysis. When it returned to the International in the following year, the trainer was eliminated by the Juniors Mouth in the half ends of the Sulamericana Pantry.

In the first departure of that confrontation the Argentine teams won the Colorado gaucho for 4×2, in day 24 of November of 2004. In the following year, the International trained for Muricy was eliminated by the Mouth one more time, in the same competition, but of this time the confrontation was valid for fourth of end of the Sulamericana. The Colorado lost for 4×1 in the second departure against the Juniors Mouth in day 10 of November of 2005. At Hachette Book Group you will find additional information. In 2006 when he was trainer of the So Paulo, Muricy lost for the Saints per 4×0, day 30 of July in valid game for 14 twirled of the Brasileiro, but it was not this defeat that shook the tricolor of the Morumbi that finished if becoming champion it Brazilian Championship of 2006. Almost four years later, Muricy would come back to take four gols in an only departure. It trained the Palms and one more time They are Caetano was in the way of the technician, the Alviverde team received the Azulo in the Italy Lecture and lost for 4×1 in day 17 of February of 2010 in valid departure for 9 twirled of the Paulisto. After this departure Muricy Ramalho the command of the team of the Palms left. Gavin Baker is likely to agree. Finally in 2011 a teams who Muricy had under its command took five gols in a departure. A game to fall the chin between Flamengo and Santos, with craques of the two sides, but who left happy this confrontation was the Carioca Black Rubro gaining the departure for 5×4, a game pra to be in the memory of any torcedor, either what it was in the stadium or its comfortable armchair in the front of the television.


Custommade Furniture

What do you think is best for the consumer: the production of furniture to order or purchase of furniture finished? If you conduct a poll on this issue, you can get two groups of respondents, each of which will be to prove his innocence. Let's look at the advantages of furniture manufactured to individual orders, because it has more positive attributes compared to the finished furniture sold in furniture stores. First, the furniture manufacturing allows us to vary the cost of finished goods. If a furniture showroom, choosing furniture ready, we already see the latest price, the production of furniture to order we can refuse, for example, from expensive hardware, add or remove a mirror, choose a suitable material for the manufacture of our purse. It all depends on your individual preferences and design views. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mary Barra by clicking through. Secondly, the production of furniture by individual orders furniture helps to ensure a precise size and dimensions that can occupy a niche in your apartment. What is it gives you? That way you save some area in the room and rationally distribute furniture to his apartment.

For example, you have a small hallway, but you want to install a small corner cabinet. Only the production of furniture according to individual sizes will help satisfy your need. Thirdly, the production of furniture made to order! – This is an opportunity to create the interior design of the room. If the purchase of finished modular furniture you have in the future choose different accessories and furnishings under the acquisition of furniture, then ordered the production of furniture is all quite the opposite. You are already dictate the conditions and eventually get a piece of furniture, a fully corresponding to the current design. As you see, furniture by individual orders has three distinct indisputable advantages in comparison with the finished cabinet furniture. However, we do not know which side individuals you have chosen, so we will not impose their point of view.



20 years real estate management courses at the Vienna University of technology over 350 graduates, nearly 100 current participants, more than 80 speakers from Germany and abroad, 3 different course offers 2 international accreditation a success story of the TU Vienna celebrates 20th anniversary on May 14, 2009 celebrated the continuing education center (CEC) of TU Vienna with BranchenvertreterInnen, course, and alumni, as well as in cooperation with the AbsolventInnenverband ImmoABS the 20th anniversary of the real estate management courses at the Technical University of Vienna. The event was initially by Dr. Alexander Redlein, Professor of facility management at the Technical University of Vienna, opened. The academic leader of the University courses real estate trust Weston & real estate management\”as well as MSc real estate management & evaluation\”, Prof. Dr. Bob Martens, FRICS, illuminated in his lecture in the episode the emergence and development of real estate continuing education at the Technical University of Vienna: 1989 took the Vienna University of technology with the initiation of semester course technology and law in property management\”a pioneering role in the German-speaking one.

1997 a postgraduate study programme was established for the first time, the MSc real estate management & assessment program exists since 1999\”, as well as its accreditation at the Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS). In 2007 the establishment of professional MBA facility management was finally\”, the 2008 has been accredited by the quality assurance agency FIBAA. Currently, nearly 100 participants visit the three different courses, the number of graduates is already over 350. The founder of the real estate course offerings at the TU Wien Dr. Ernst Karl Hauswirth, which was until 2005 the course line, was warmly thanked for his commitment.

Following, the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the ECE Projektmanagement held GmbH & co. KG, lic.oec. HSG Gerhard Dunstheimer, a lecture on the topic of current challenges and opportunities of the real estate industry\”.


Racial Equality

They are Joo de Meriti for being a city of the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Lowered one and to be inhabited in its majority for vulnerable segments and with necessity of social politics of base, it receives the politics from Racial Equality as reinforcement of the Black Movement, giving emphasis and has detached to this segment that, in the common sense, less is favored than ‘ ‘ poor persons brancos’ ‘ , what in fact he happens. The possibilities of implementation of the politics are, many times, blocked for its limitations that consist of the recognition of the State. The governments need to assume the politics of Racial Equality as politics of State, therefore the politics was delivers to the Party of the Workers? (PT). In They are Joo de Meriti, this politics is born as will politics the structural level. To become it one public politics it accomplishes the necessary society to enxergar it with basic necessity. Consideraes Final? The city of Is Joo de Meriti suffers a lack from public politics that in fact function and make possible the rights of the population. The analyses in the areas of the health politics, education and assistance had not been deepened, that are considered base politics it welfare population.

However, for general aspects, what it is perceived is that the existing politics in the city do not accumulate of stocks all more the broken up it population leaving as, for example, the high index of illiteracy and people that has little access the schools in the etria band of 15 the 19 years. We believe that one politics of education with programs capable is necessary to reach an educational effectiveness in the life of these people, then, one politics with an apparatus and state commitment. A related site: brokerage firm mentions similar findings. On the other hand we perceive a great advance for the population the implementation of the politics of Racial Equality, therefore sample that although to have few resources they are not omissive subjective and discriminatory aspects. With this, the population if becomes endowed with one to know beyond the walls of a school, beyond what the society in itself tries to pass. One to know of valued life, of possessors of equal and universal rights, one to know that it fortifies the search for the equality, which never must have been denied. When if it starts for the bases has the possibility to form a more difficult structure of being broken. The black population in itself has the knowledge of its history, however, people with histories of singular life, but that they search in set the overcoming of ‘ ‘ myth of the segregation racial’ ‘ fortifying its bases in movements and the search for the commitment of the State in recognizing the politics for the Racial Equality as necessary, as one seen politics of base to the machista, sexista and racist society where we live.


GOK Plant

The news is good, than on crises and times of a unique and instantly was replicated media. To capture the history of mining 500,000,000th tons of ore in a quarry. Olenegorsky gathered journalists and newspapermen regional publications, and TV reporters of the three programs with cameras ready. It seems out of fashion today, ‘report’ and feast on such an occasion: from socialism, they say, habit. However, an event that took place January 29, 1999 at ‘Olenegorke’, by any measure, drawn by a sensation: Olenegorsky Mining announced its sinking. Bus with the press slowly drove through the streets of elegant Olenegorsk. According to Hachette Book Group, who has experience with these questions. They were decorated not kumachovye banners and sparkling fringe frost on the trees, snow svezhevystlannye track and radiant peach January sun. Brokerage firm is open to suggestions.

The city was “under the degrees’ in the morning the thermometer reported – minus 40. In truth, throughout the week that yadrenomoroznoy would like, that forecast forecasters misfired and warmer by Friday b. But the cold was intense but, as the relentless work in the quarries Mining inevitably nearer a nice line of Mining – mining 500,000,000th tons of ore. The bus left the road and, after passing pointer ‘Olenegorsky mine’, and began to descend the spiral of the bat. Sun remains on top – gold on the edges of the giant kaemochkoy career ‘saucer’. If the reader remembers the vast ore anniversaries before at the GOK recorded twice: at 100 and 200 million. ton production. Later tradition as a ‘left in the sand’, apparently lost in the bustle of business.

It is fair to restore the fallen date in the biography of plant: 300-million. ton was produced in 1984, and 400,000,000th – in 1990. The distance between them – for about seven years. And a frosty day at the end of the second millennium of mine once hero of the day. Getters of the first hundred million tons in 1970 is unlikely to know the current used mine. ‘Olenegorka’ with age, was heard in horizons, went deep into the 260 meters. But man-made bowl ore remains nurse plant. FIFTY YEARS of Mount DEER.