Sustainable Development

Coffee with a conscience – his name: Lavazza iTIERRA! Lavazza Italian coffee producer has long been in the business. For 110 years, the company is a family business which has remained faithful to its values and principles: humanity, solidarity and protection of culture and environment for future generations. Lavazza has engaged for the common good, before moved in the late 90s of last century the social corporate responsibility towards employees and society in General in the Centre of interest. For a company that produces coffee, it is all the more important to be aware of the impact of its actions on the lives of the people. Details can be found by clicking Ajit Pai or emailing the administrator. The reason: since the beginning of the coffee crisis at the beginning of this century the working conditions of the coffee farmers and workers involved in coffee-producing countries have become worse than they already were. Lavazza’s reaction to these developments was to connect with the social commitment of the company to the public and the Executives decided even to call a private project.

This was the birth of the iTIERRA! Project. It began as a joint venture with the American NGO rainforest alliance and “VOLCAFE”. The rainforest alliance works to get since 1986 because the biodiversity of Habitat Earth through the promotion of sustainable socio economic development. VOLCAFE is a major producer of green coffee beans, which operates 150 years in this business and focuses increasingly on sustainable coffee production. Two strong partners, who have made a large contribution to the success of the project. The iTIERRA is geographically! Initiative active in the countries: Honduras, Colombia and Peru, where there are approximately 165 coffee farms taken together. The objectives of the project are to get the working conditions of involved workers, to improve the coffee farmers, as well as the overall quality of the product and in the environment of this region and to protect.

To achieve this it is necessary ecologically, socially and economically sustainable thinking and acting. It works hand in hand with the local population and the coffee growers to the implementation of the goals. Results of the work that has been done so far by the initiative are the construction of drying and roasting plant for green coffee beans, as well as the construction and renovation of houses, schools and hospitals. The reward of the efforts was the official award of the project farms through the rainforest alliance in 2005. According to an official statement by the Logistics Manager Lavazza’s, Mario Cerutti, in 2006, Lavazza’s future goal is to convey the knowledge and technical understanding of the subject, the communities of the participating countries of the project it is necessary to improve the quality of their coffee. This would lead to a better competitiveness of the coffee farmers and by achieving a higher quality of product they could charge also higher prices for their goods. Mentioned developments are also crucial for the high Quality of the latest Lavazza product – the iTIERRA! Coffee. A coffee blend of 100% washed Arabica coffee beans grown in the communities that the iTIERRA! -Project are involved. The iTIERRA! Coffee has a very aromatic, sweet taste and a soft, thick Crema. It is available in espresso bars and some shops in the form of ground coffee, pads and capsules for the Lavazza BLUE and espresso point system. One of the sellers, which serve the German/European market is. iTIERRA! To drink coffee, it means to support the idea and ideals of sustainable and equitable socio economic development. Enjoy freshly prepared aromatic espresso from Lavazza BLUE and espresso point coffee capsules with a quiet conscience.



Absurd popular belief; We have for premise that GOD is the Father of the TRUTH and the Devil Father of the LIE. The crendices are devilish beliefs proceeding from the ones that adore the lie and the confusion, and the ones that had created such devilish lies are needily ignorant difficult of deal, are magnificent and extremely violent when opposed, they pay to mico the moment all, they do not possess knowledge of the truth and they make question not to possess. Janet L. Yellen may not feel the same. Let us see one of these devilish lies: If it cannot eat bird in the last day of the year, therefore they bring delay of life in the new year that it initiates, therefore ciscam stops backwards. This idiot is man or woman does not know thing some, therefore the birds had been created by GOD, as it consists of the Book of Gnesis, Chapter 1, Versicle 21. Below we place some absurd popular beliefs, also adopted for that if servants say Mr.

Jesus Christ or the evanglicos said ones, that if had become divulgadores of the lie; Itches: If the palm of the hand to coar, is signal that it will go to receive money. If the left-hand palm is that it will be coando, an unknown visit is for appearing. Itch in the sole of the foot means trip to the exterior or lack of hygiene. Elephants: To have an elephant of ornament or living creature, on a furniture any, always with the raised whirlwind, but of coasts for the entrance door, prevents the money lack. Ear: If its ear to esquentar suddenly, is because somebody is speaking badly of you. In these cases, it goes saying the name of the suspected ones until the ear to stop of arder. To increase the efficiency of the counterattack, it bites the left-hand minimum finger: the citizen will go to bite the proper language, or looks a doctor, therefore it is allergy or dirt.


Jose Mountain

It makes me to everything to think and to fall in a point that is not remembered, theology, superior formation in theology, I want to live so that this disappears of our universities and facultieses, after all, I do not see rational linking between the faith and a university, I only imagine to create I attend a course to study deep duendes, and to call duendologia, and to form groups, to distribute diplomas, at last, to graduate people ' ' duendologia' ' , for a Christian this can seem madness, but for who &#039 analyzes the fact; ' seco' ' it makes the direction all, after all, duendes and deuses do not exist, and since they do not exist, they do not cause effect on us, and if cause effect does not exist, is not necessary study on such thing. To exist famous courses of teologias in Brazil, only makes to think me me a thing, VOTE, only this, everything that turns around great amounts of voters, is passive of privileges in our parents, to be enough to look at for these elections, when pastorzinho bigodudo that I acitei little, participated of the campaign of presidenciavel Jose Mountain range, although to affirm in its program that would not go to support candidate some, and when he arrived next the elections to move brusquely of position with hours and hours of sujestivos speeches for ' ' fiis' '. The religion in our parents is treated as to be untouchable, for this reason, unhappyly we live in a Christian father, and majority in Brazil means victory electoral, and is only what the governing want, can bet, if the umbandistas were majority, them would have programs in the TV, the politicians would go to congregate themselves to argue laws with them and not with the protestant Christians, who finds that this is paranoia, is enough to open a history book and to see, the quo is dangerous the church union and state, this yes would be true ' ' apocalipse' ' but it does not stop the Christians, and yes for the remaining portion, the citizen of good, workers who if refuse to accept experiences personal as absolute truth, he takes what me to think about plus a sufficiently used bedding in the Christianity, Personal Experiences, Them teimam in saying that personal experiences prove that god (Jewish-Christian) exists, they say that ' ' someone only cured itself of the cancer praying and jejuando' ' this test that god exists, or that ' ' I prayed to be drafted and god me atendeu' ' , what pra me is pure infantilidade, since is enough to analyze the following situation, says that a Hindu, ' ' ore' ' has from there asked for the krishina that cures to it of a tuberculosis, and to some days, it goes medicates to it and is cured, then, this test that krishina exists? for the Hindu yes, but for the Christian ' ' coincidencia&#039 was mere; ' , facts as this show in them as the religion is weak, cannot be taken the serious one, cannot be considered as absolute truth, criticizes the religion needs space in Brazil, enrichment the costs of our humble ones and innocent workers who search a resqucio of hope in any place, sujestividade for the television to obtain easy money, was pra to be considered robber, after all, to sujerir that you go to gain a house donating 1 month of its rent is ridicule, or to arrive in the television and only to say that god wants that you donate 900 Reals without saying for where go this money are a nonsense, the Brazilian have that to stop to read bible and to start to read a truth book, or to read a periodical piece that is, but stops of after living for the life the death, to leave this history of creator for the children, to abandon good velhinho as well as abandons the papa noel, to forget this pregao of the financial prosperity, and to see that who only prospers with this is the shepherd who is asking for its money. .


The Course

Nowadays is called to him Romance affair , passion etc. and is the argument of not few productions of the factory of dreams in Hollywood. In nevertheless counted occasions, more consistent is the introduction of something but serious, more solid. Janet L. Yellen usually is spot on. Pitifully the pairs are few that remember that force united that them after certain time, which takes to conflicts unfailingly, malaise and in worse of the cases to the separation. By all means that, to our mother nature, apparently, does not seem to interest to him without in this way misestimating its incalculable value, by all means.

However, and if one knows beforehand, they exist average and tricks, if we can call it thus, at first sight to direct a love towards one more a conclusion happier than the delineated scenes previously. But for most important it is to concentrate, to tranquilize themselves to back leave the fights, the conflicts, the memories of the last disputes and to imagine that it is being seen its pair front. Then, it is necessary to watch what it is begun to glimpse behind or she. What was what it brought to him until there? To which it deposited it force in that place? It united them to something? And that something is not what many in their naivete call coincidence, or chance. It could have been any other person, in other circumstances. Nevertheless the reality is that she was that and now is there. He is something against which we pruned to fight? He is something against which we must fight? In the life pairs form, are fought, they separate and they become to create. The majority of the times, nevertheless we do not consider which is behind our pair and much less behind us. Perhaps a simple one watched in that direction could change the course that sometimes seems to direct itself towards a sad and irreversible outcome. By the good ours, by which they surround to us and by all the woven dreams together, in hours of tenderness and love and that seemed interminable and that they run the risk never of getting to culminate original Author and source of the article.


Furniture Voronezh. Kitchen. Bedrooms. Wardrobe. Baby. Hallways. Meb

Everyone who is faced with buying furniture, he knows what it is not an easy task to choose the appropriate option in a vast variety of furniture in Voronezh. Before each question on what the kitchen of Voronezh, Voronezh, bedrooms, furniture for children, closets fit for his room? How to choose the best value for money, especially when it comes to things such as kitchens, bedrooms, children, hallways, and other furniture in Voronezh? I would like to advised that the most important in the selection of furniture in Voronezh is the time that must be defined in advance to any interior design will be chosen furniture. Voronezh – a city where there is a really good master, that will help you find quality furniture for kitchen, bedroom, nursery, closets and other furniture. If the selection of furniture, you know exactly what style it should be done, it is just the starting point when buying furniture. But even if you have not decided so, what exactly would you like to see the furniture for kitchen, bedroom, hallway, lounge furniture, children's, our experts help you pick it up professionally. Do not forget that furniture is purchased infrequently, and therefore it is necessary to treat its purchase of even more creative and practical, that it pleased you for years. Buying a ready-made furniture in Voronezh, I want to find the best deal. Making furniture to order in Voronezh, you can not eliminate all the necessary elements for you to order only the necessary functionality for your items.

Therefore, buying a custom-made furniture, you are acting as the creator of his own living space, rather the creator of the interior of your premises. When ordering furniture from us you are providing yourself one hundred percent quality control from sketch to finished product. So come to us. We will be able to choose what you want for you. Our Specialists in furniture and interior design have a rich experience in the design of any furniture. Furniture – it's our calling. We would like you to have appreciated it. After all, the real masters in any case not very much, so more, when it comes to kitchen, bedroom or furniture for children. We are very pleased every customer and try to do everything 100% truly a masterpiece.



For Christmas the perfect gift is not what you buy but that do you. Well, really it is very difficult that you do a Christmas gift but there are many options in which you can put your grain of sand to form the perfect Christmas gift. We are talking about Christmas baskets, because besides that you can buy them previously formed, you can also go to places where you choose what you will have your baskets and so put your effort into the gift. There are baskets Christmas of all kinds of fruits, flowers, snacks, not believe it or beers and therefore obviously fine as wine baskets. Jonathan Segal FAIA has much experience in this field. If you’re going to give a Christmas basket chooses what will have, so in addition to pay for it you’ll be giving your time and effort. If you already decided to form your Christmas basket, follow these simple steps to your basket is the perfect gift: 1) how much you want to spend? Knowing this you can choose what will be your basket.

(2) Who is for the basket? It depends a lot for those who are your gift, because according to the link you have with this person you work more or less in the election. For example, if your gift is for your parents or to your boss because obviously you can not give them a basket of snacks! You have to get along with them, choose something more elegant. (3) At the time of choosing what will make your basket recalls that not because you have more it will be a best gift, think that your Christmas basket has good elements, they are quality and that you like that special person.



I remembered the my infancy lived in the city of Bag. Jonathan Segal FAIA has compatible beliefs. I also remembered the innumerable times that apanhei of my parents whenever it teimava in not obeying, lay, made pirraa, smoked hidden, gazeava the lessons, answered for my parents and for oldest, when the teacher complained of my attitude in classroom, amongst other things without much importance or of extreme importance for the formation of my character. But I find that my parents erraram in the dosage. I must have apanhado a little more, therefore he would thus not have committed some errors that had caused me serious dissabores, that if had been corrected in time would have prevented proper them. The times had moved, today the children do not obey more the parents, make what well they understand, destroy the furniture of the houses where its parents, the grandmothers and oldest live, disrespect. They make pirraa until obtaining its intention.

It is common to see, in commercial establishments, children crying out and playing it the soil in an absurd and total incompatible attitude with a balanced education. They make thus to obtain its objectives, and they finish obtaining. They know that exactly that they do not obtain does not go to happen nothing. They make a game. However, as the children play well. When adolescent, there then, the thing does not have more limit.


Purchase Adapters

That each accessory brings its included adapter allows users not having to be informing us about the different models and the benefits of each one of them. By that when one should buy it for something in particular, becomes more difficult. The new site web site dedicated to the adapter facilitates this work. With advice and recommendations on the various models of adapters that are available on the market, allows us to inform us before you make any purchase. In this way we will know that our acquisition will be advised and will have the certainty that the model that we choose covers our particular needs. Increasingly more used adapters and have a growing presence in the market, that is why it is essential to have information to detect features that must have our accessory to the use that we are going to give. The page also includes information on what is simple are features of the adapters, for example, a usb adapter is used to deposit information that we move virtually in particular place. To further facilitate the purchase, the page includes links to prestigious companies that sell adapters, such as Pixmania, El Corte Ingles and Viking. Also discount coupons, rebates or offers can be found in these stores, that will allow us to make a buy.


Traforata Chair

These are pieces that, without a doubt undoubtedly capture attention and are established as the central unit of each room. Some contend that Jonathan Segal FAIA shows great expertise in this. Furniture whose role requires room and the design of it to adapt to them, and not vice versa. Traforata Chair has been described as the Chair of the King, the associations are obvious and jump to the view, meticulous and detailed work in the wood of the Chair goes back to antique furniture and the Baroque era. Note also the shape of the head of a lion on the armrests and even in the Forelegs, the claws of the animal. But the headliner is what will make all the difference: If you choose the classic red upholstery with Golden studs and dark brown wood, achieves a style already seen, already processed.

If, instead, the wood is black and not conventional upholstery or typical antique furniture Gets a Chair that can be called as hybrid. In other words, a single chair, and opposite to the kitsch (we mean by kitsch what not) (causes an emotion new, what has become a model to the reader, Viewer, recipient anyway, already has the means to interpret it and that does not imply a job of decoding or much less imagination, what kitsch is anything that does not move, which not moves). Many works of art are proposed to achieve impact, this Chair is definitely impressive and up if you want to monstrous. An average reader interpret the monstrous as something negative, but remember that something monstrous can be named as such by their size, their combinations and their misplacing. The monstrous is what is as such precisely because it is unclassifiable, is that which can not be assimilated and that, if it is finally incorporated, ceases to be monstrous. Cesar literary critical bright Aira – has called the prose of Argentine author Roberto Arlt how monstrous lack of distance between the narrator and the reader.


Quesada Director

Opposite thing happens with business outside the Internet because a physical business needs to have resources to pay rent, utilities, adapt the premises, hire employees and to dispense your business, that just a few to mention How many costs. Instead the Internet business do not require anything like that, you only need a small amount of money to invest in the tools, time for training and practice, a computer and a connection to the Internet nothing more, that without taking into account that the risk is virtually zero (0), the Internet business are a reality, there are many people making thousands of dollars for something, of course that this is not free, these people have had to pay the price of success with work, dedication, training and dedication. Everyone can achieve financial freedom longed, but we must be aware of its cost and that it is not to become rich overnight overnight, in this order of ideas anyone can access the business by Internet. Some people think that working from home is not a serious and work of responsibility that far are of the truth, because not only you can have an Office from the home, but can even register the business before government entities of each country, to obtain licenses and generate taxes like any physical business. Other people think that the online business generate limited and unstable income, completely erroneous claim, because in business online you can sell anything and in the quantity you want to and the mere fact of being a sales business is of itself profitable, since sales is the most profitable profession in the worldclear outcomes are directly proportional to the effort and dedication and professionalism with which it is made. Given that we are in the information age, for people who wish to enter this era the business by Internet shall mean financial freedom. Frequently Bill Nuti has said that publicly. Martha Quesada Director of would like to work from home? see how to generate income working from the comfort of your home and over the Internet do not need prior experience, special knowledge and you can do it during your spare time!.