Our pace of life seems the more likely to take us to the concern; I would almost say that the constant concern and by almost anything. At the end you wonder is it necessary to worry so much? I really don’t think so; I would rather say that what is needed is occupy more and worry less. The other day, for example, mailed a few essential documents my lawyers for a forthcoming trial which was held in Madrid. The case is that a few days later my lawyers claimed that they had not received anything, while in emails they gave by fact that shipment had already reached its addressee. And all this to two days of the trial. With the ticket bought tickets and without documentation for the trial.

All that had it to my mother by phone, and she, distraught and grieving, told me that you should be very worried about this. I told him that no, that was not concerned. I had already done everything you could do in a case like this. In my hand already not remained nothing more to be done; only hope How was it resolved, if it is it solved somehow. If documents had been lost already I would what you agreed at the time. At the end was resolved almost at the last moment: a Secretariat had taken sick leave a few days earlier without distributing the latest spam, including mine, reason why lawyers thought that he had not.

Things must be addressed until we have done everything possible. Then you can do two things: keep worrying either do anything more productive. Some time ago I realized that the second option was much better. The concern remains us possibilities; occupies, so to speak, a space on our hard drive that could be much better spent if we devote to other more productive tasks. The effort required to achieve the desired goal we must assign to each task. Later, that goal is reached or not, it is likely you do not rely entirely on our effort, so once we have dealt with the task in question We must deal with another. Worry about what is out of our reach we bring nothing good. What if we can make, if the case requires it, is to prevent certain actions, which ultimately leaves no be one part more than occupy us. But if there is nothing to do, worry is a lounger ballast. Original author and source of the article



Dew was one of my Secretaries, attended him by caesarean section once, after 2 years I went to cesarear and told him Beware you uterus is not very good!, but she returned with her third pregnancy, as I was afraid that I yell it, controls it happened in the Posta in his neighborhood, but when he had 35 weeks and since I had much pain it was to consult with me, examine it, did ultrasound, applied analysis and told him you need caesarean! soon, and he was, they spent a few days and one afternoon when I was in consultation came the dew patient with his family Entourage, shouting in pain!, I evaluated it and had distension of the uterine segment, intense pain to the touch was 3 cm. Dilatation, speak clearly with the family the uterus is about to explode, if that happens to die both!, do doctor? require caesarean section right now right now right now!, they talked, they doubted, the minutes passed I sweating rather than them already so decide or! get the hell! – I caused tell them-, but he hoped and hoped, until I shouted them already go to the Operare in this free time and point! agreed that was the difficulty. According to GM, who has experience with these questions. In operating room it was anesthetized quickly and I started, I withdrew the previous pfannestiel scar, awning, there was no adhesions and quickly was already against the uterus when I was preparing to influence the visceral peritoneum to undress the uterine segment look at all those present, as the segment only, without the hand of the man, broke out in our noses and tore spontaneously, formed a hole that stretched toward the annexes dangerously and may compromise the Uterine artery, we watched to see where arrived and reached the right Uterine artery and is just the moment in which we act!, clear had spent 12 seconds only!, if we hadn’t left him tear follow the uterine broke and that bleeding is which causes the death of the mother and after the fetus. Through that hole it aborted the amniotic bag containing the fetus and greenish liquid aqueous thick!, at the end we took the child and we gave it to the pediatrician, fix tear and finished issue of step clear is the we bind, the woman was 36 years old and it was her fourth child and third caesarean section..