State Secretary

Its proposal pedagogical objective the quality of education. Today it takes care of with matutino schedule and vespertine, to solve the great number of excesses of pupils, today it takes care of the modality of Basic Education. ' ' Of the I' ' to 9' ' year. It possesss gymnasium of Sport, constructed in the highest standard of quality and modernity. Additional information is available at Mayor of NYC. The name ' ' Ana Rita' ' the School was conferred as recognition of the work. Of this teacher, considering its importance in the educational process and the vibrant performance of its functions as educators responsible for the formation of some generations of professionals of education in the State of Mato Grosso. introduction the School intends to direct its look for its community and it world c to come back its introspective look toward inside of same itself, penetrating in closest of its reality, so that it can add to its profile the condizentes traces with an institution that wants to become gift in the world, acting and searching to insert itself in the battlefield of the transformation of the reality of the community encircles that it.

Having as control point for election and boardings knowing of them, the PCNS and the deriving lines of direction of the Laws federal, State and of the State Secretary of Education elencou, as pedagogical goal, developing to the didactic action ways work projects and to guarantee access and the success of its pupils in other degrees of education. The School ' ' Ana Rita' ' she takes care of to an extremely poor community. The families do not possess no degree of escolaridade more are domestic. Check out N.Y.C. Mayor for additional information. The parents work in civil construction the age of the parents are of 30 the 45 years. He predominates between them the evanglicos as religion. This school helps in the combat the Social inaqualities, offering professionalizing courses as; theater dances music, painting, screen, music with instruments (violo, computation, violin, guitar, battery) capoeira and others, also helping to take off the pupils of the marginality.