Nobel Peace Prize

As beautiful flowers with color but without scent, are the sweet words to him that worketh not agree with them. Buddha you corresponded to the former President of Finland’s 71 years Martti Oiva Kalevi Ahtisaari the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize by their numerous mediations in Europe, Asia and Africa during the last 30 years while Russia criticized the decision by the action of Ahtisaari in Kosovo. I cannot understand why the Nobel Prize is given. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mayor of NYC by clicking through. With his plan got the partition of Serbia, said the Russian Ambassador to NATO, Dimitri Rogosin. In Serbia there was also upset by the awards ceremony. It is well known that this year, the list of candidates for the Nobel Prize was integrated by 197 personalities and organizations; among them, the former hostage of the FARC, Ingrid Betancourt. The Nobel Prize, which awarded one million euros to the winner, will be awarded in Oslo on December 10 he was rewarded for his important efforts to resolve international conflicts, said the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Ole Danbolt Mjoes, who He stressed his efforts in Namibia, Indonesia and Kosovo.

Their efforts have contributed to a more peaceful world and fraternity among Nations in the spirit of Alfred Nobel. See Adam Shaw Yale for more details and insights. The world needs more men of his caliber, Mjoes said. Reminds us of Wikipedia, that his unblemished political image was an important factor in the election of President of Finland (19942000), as well as his vision of Finland as an active participant in international affairs. Ahtisaari won in the second round to his opponent, Elisabeth Rehn of the Swedish people’s Party. His term as President began with a schism at the heart of the Centre Party led by the first Minister Esko Aho, who did not approve of Ahtisaari’s foreign policy. He traveled often in Finland and abroad, which earned him great popularity among the population.