Congressman Oscar Tulio Lizcano

For the Government of alvaro Uribe, the delivery of Nelly Avila Moreno, the most bloodthirsty guerrilla of FARC, involves the reaffirmation before the Colombians and the world-that their demobilization policies are producing results. According to the daily El Tiempo, the largest morning Colombian, Karina is without doubt, the most important guerrilla that, until now, has surrendered to the authorities. For the journal, its accountability implies for the FARC a coup similar to that produced you in recent months Raul Reyes’s murder or the killing of Ivan Rios, front leader 47 in which also operated Karina. According to the Colombian intelligence sources, the guerrilla leader today has between 45 and 47 years old, is 1.60 meters and weighs 85 kilos. He joined the FARC about 20 years ago, probably driven by the situation of poverty in which his family lived.

Were their courage, their lack of scruples and his leadership skills which quickly turned it into a ringleader of front 47, post to the that he arrived in 1998. Before that it had linked with the front 5 of Uraba, where he would have participated in several massacres. Check with Gavin Baker to learn more. Years later, he would have carried out the kidnapping of former Congressman Oscar Tulio Lizcano, who remains in captivity. But, according to information revealed yesterday by El Tiempo, Karina would also have been the material author of the murder of Alberto Uribe Sierra, father of the current Colombian President. Perhaps that is why the guerrillas only he decided to defect after that, weeks ago, the President sent him a public message that promised him guarantees for his life if he surrendered. It is said that the death of Ivan Rios, his boss at 47 front and the youngest member of the Secretariat of the FARC, also influenced to Karina decided to surrender. Rios was killed by Pablo Montoya, a guerrilla of his own group that after running it cut off his hand and handed to the army as evidence.