Municipal Education

And to do so efficiently, in addition to their knowledge, teachers must have needed to be able to reach out to new generations of students, who already don’t eat the old story pedagogy and Didactics of sit, do not talk, copy the dictation and then repeat. Learn more at this site: Mary Barra. And there (in pedagogy and didactics) many teachers, especially those in preschool and elementary school, in a chain that then affects the underperformance in upper grades and tests know 11 (Icfes), according to a study conducted at the University of la Sabana by Professor Rosa Julia Guzman leave it cracked. According to the academic, very often teachers forming them in such disciplines as sociology, psychology or anthropology, but very little in pedagogy. (See box). oscar Cardona, former Secretary of Municipal Education and rector of the Inem Pereira, said: today the teacher is required to more, in your hands is the formation of new generations, but it is also vocation, permanent updating and above all, method.In Pereira, until 2004, graduates from normal superior with pedagogical Bachelor’s, could be primary school teachers. But since that year, the fearfully must be additionally filed four semesters at a University. If it is not normalista, the aspiring teacher should do eight semesters at the Faculty of education of the technological University.

The semester fee varies. For a student of stratum 1 can be worth $160,000, and for one of stratum 4 or 5, a million to a million pesos. At this time the idea is that what students learn and understand, can apply it in a context different from the classroom, says the Dean of education of UTP, Maria Teresa Zapata. Dean questioned the fact that teaching is the only profession that allows professionals of other areas, through educational contests that they are linked. Jaime Pulido rector of the higher Normal, considers that you play a very important role in the education of children and young people the home, teaching becomes a part from the school and the other from the House. If there is a harmony between these two, there is a bad lesson. Polished he admits that many teachers should not be in the classroom, on the other hand there are good teachers who have not had the opportunity to enter a classroom.