Ramon Luis Valcarcel

The Popular Party of the Valencian Community is that it quits. Behind closed doors, however, his joy is chiaroscuro. His success in the autonomous elections of next May 22 presumed demolition, according to the survey conducted by Sigma Dos for the world. With unattainable 56.7% of votes, it could bend in number of seats to a PSPV-PSOE in free fall. According to that survey, the Valencian PP data would be only surpassed by the unbeatable leader murciano, Ramon Luis Valcarcel.

Do, then, with a prediction so promising, not bursting joy Quart Street, where is located the Headquarters regional party? This is due to that, month after month, Mariano Rajoy is still delaying the appointment of Francisco Camps as a candidate to repeat in the Presidency of the Generalitat. Well it is true that all heads of list are not yet designated, but yes have anticipated already names of whom licensee candidates in Asturias, the Balearic Islands, Extremadura and Navarra. Why not on the community? There are two theories. The more benevolent, say, is that people there are in the national direction of the PP ready to that sweat shirt our President, who simply seek to do purge the Gurtel case by all the headaches that it has caused them. In this frame of mind will find less pertaining to Camps leaders, starting with the general Secretary of the party, Maria Dolores de Cospedal. The other hypothesis adds one argument to the delay in appointing the candidate by Valencia. This would be unlink as much as possible to Camps of other contenders, since, although the adventures of Francisco Correa, the whiskers and his gang have not affected electorally to the community, they would have that damaged the image of the PP in the rest of Spain.

In any case, nobody of the Genoa Street puts in question the good repute of the Valencian President or think nowhere near that in the worst case it would adopt an attitude or from afar similar to Alvarez Cascos. In addition, in a system that is moving at an accelerated pace toward bipartisanship, the whims regionalist or third parties including that of Rosa Diez seem far to prosper. So, in due course, Camps will be enthroned by Rajoy with all of the law. The other reason for disruption of perplexity, rather many activists and some leaders of the Valencian PP is the unexpected open dialogue between the President and the leader of the opposition, Jorge Alarte. Why at this moment, when a triumphant parade toward the polls expected ahead? Because because, given that is falling, not bad comes to the Consell before public opinion involving the Socialists in next economic course of the Generalitat. I will explain. He who wins the upcoming elections, and here the PP will sweep are going to find with some public accounts worse announced and a harder than expected settlement. And here does not occur in Catalonia, where Artur Mas you can accuse team Montilla of received economic inheritance, since here Paco Camps will happen if same. Therefore, whether it is at the national level, regional or local, it smart is to engage adversaries in future black that comes up. Nationwide already start it to make Rodriguez Zapatero with Rajoy and regional scale touches you now move tab to Francisco Camps. Therefore, win the next elections are not going to assume no Altman, given the economic landscape that lies ahead. Therefore, it is also, by the PP in the community is not so cheerful as expected.