But Josaf

What to make when one does not know what to make? In first place to search aid of who knows. God only has to be able to become impossible the possible one. The salmista Davi said: ' ' I raise my eyes for mounts: of where it will come me the aid? My aid comes Mr., who made skies and the land (Salmos 121,1, 2). 2 PLACE: TO CONFESS ITS INCAPACITY (II Chronicles 20:12) Later having searched aid of who knows, Josaf if humiliated and confessed its incapacity ahead of God saying: ' ' Because in us it does not have force before this great multitude that comes against us, and we do not know we what faremos' ' , more immediately afterwards it completed saying: ' ' But our eyes are ranks in ti' '. The humildade is a quality very important to get victory. The prosperity of the arrogant one lasts little time, but of the humble one it lasts for much time. When we do not know what to make or as to decide a problem, we have that to ask for aid of who it knows and to ahead confess our incapacity of it.

But unhappyly people exist whom they do not know to decide one definitive problem, do not know to lead a situation and decides to ask for helps somebody, but if they dirigem with arrogance and without humildade wanting to help without having conditions to the person for who it asked for aid. But Josaf in ahead gave a great example to them in this direction if humiliating and confessing its incapacity of God. If it also humiliates ahead of God, it ahead confesses its incapacity Of it, because It pleases itself of the humble ones and abates magnificent (the I Peter 5,5, 6; Tiago 4,6). The Salomo scholar said: ' ' Come to the magnificent one, he will also come to confronts; but with the humble ones he is sabedoria' ' (Sayings 11,2).