Absurd popular belief; We have for premise that GOD is the Father of the TRUTH and the Devil Father of the LIE. The crendices are devilish beliefs proceeding from the ones that adore the lie and the confusion, and the ones that had created such devilish lies are needily ignorant difficult of deal, are magnificent and extremely violent when opposed, they pay to mico the moment all, they do not possess knowledge of the truth and they make question not to possess. Janet L. Yellen may not feel the same. Let us see one of these devilish lies: If it cannot eat bird in the last day of the year, therefore they bring delay of life in the new year that it initiates, therefore ciscam stops backwards. This idiot is man or woman does not know thing some, therefore the birds had been created by GOD, as it consists of the Book of Gnesis, Chapter 1, Versicle 21. Below we place some absurd popular beliefs, also adopted for that if servants say Mr.

Jesus Christ or the evanglicos said ones, that if had become divulgadores of the lie; Itches: If the palm of the hand to coar, is signal that it will go to receive money. If the left-hand palm is that it will be coando, an unknown visit is for appearing. Itch in the sole of the foot means trip to the exterior or lack of hygiene. Elephants: To have an elephant of ornament or living creature, on a furniture any, always with the raised whirlwind, but of coasts for the entrance door, prevents the money lack. Ear: If its ear to esquentar suddenly, is because somebody is speaking badly of you. In these cases, it goes saying the name of the suspected ones until the ear to stop of arder. To increase the efficiency of the counterattack, it bites the left-hand minimum finger: the citizen will go to bite the proper language, or looks a doctor, therefore it is allergy or dirt.