As Mezzaroba

According to Mezzaroba and Monteiro (2008, p.11) the Church catholic believed that the indians do not possuam soul and that the slaves were not human. Another raised and considered question undisputed was the one that the Sun if moved around the Land. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from cupboards. Everything can be perceived that nor that if imagines to be truth, in fact is some scholar questioned the reason of these affirmations and from it was there in search of knowledge to prove or to find what in fact it would be real. ' ' The problem is that today we know that the truths on the facts, the ideas, the reality, at last, beyond not being absolute, also they can be transitory, and until consensualmente aceitas' ' (MEZZAROBA; HUNTER, 2008, p.11). He must yourself be reflected and be questioned what pass in them as truth, not crystallizing thoughts, therefore of this form a mentally ill individual will be able to become.

1,4 DOGMTICA Everything that we accept as truth, unquestionable certainty and is called a dogma. The people tend to have dogmticas attitudes at the moment where they do not question the truth. As Mezzaroba and Monteiro the thought or the dogmtica attitude are crystallized, said knowledge as true, excusing any reflection (2008, p.12). Currently when individuals if come across with new facts of knowledge, the same ones are had as something unnecessary, not changing its ideas and what it believes to be real for it. Ahead of a fact, extraordinary or bonanza, the trend of a dogmtico behavior will be to reduce this new reality (extraordinary or bonanza) to the standards of already known and known. Of this form, although to discover that something of different exists of what we had presumption, this new discovery does not shake our previous beliefs and ideas (MEZZAROBA; HUNTER, 2008, P. 13). A person with dogmticas attitudes hide the realities surround that it, that is, are omissive they.