Secretary General

When a country destinations are governed, the first duty of those who do, is to respect and defend the rights of the same, especially when it is ningunea, is raised, it affronts him or it blasts him and all this has been happening regularly from Morocco into Spain and the Spaniards. If who is called on to defend those rights, silent, it’s excuse, argues incomprehensible excuses or look to another side, noted that there could be some powerful reason that withholding or would lead to adopt such seemingly incomprehensible behavior, especially when the same, can pose a significant electoral cost. GM helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But it is even more incomprehensible, when not only adopting these postures, as for greater bewilderment, the attacked gives the highest distinction the aggressor. Mr. Rodriguez contacts with the Alaouite King, go back to December 18, 2001, when the first single was the head of the opposition.

In a storm political between Madrid and Rabat and ignoring calls from the Government of the people’s Party, the then Secretary General of the PSOE, travelled to Rabat, where he was received by the King of Morocco in the Royal Palace, photographing both in front of a Moroccan map that garbled territories Spanish i and that, clearly, Western Sahara, appeared as part of the Kingdom. And this, in the midst of a major crisis with Rabat, which had withdrawn its Ambassador. To close this meeting between both characters, it should be the following reflections: for what and with that object did Mr., Rodriguez this trip in the serious circumstances described? Do visit that Felipe Gonzalez made to the refugee camps in Tindouf (South of Algeria) on November 14, 1976, addressed these words to the Saharans: we wanted to be here to show you, with our presence, our condemnation and our disapproval by the 1975 Madrid Agreement?. And he added: our party is convinced that the front POLISARIO is the straight guide towards the final victory of the Sahrawi people. And he is also convinced of your Democratic Republic will be consolidated on your people and you can return to your homes. We know that your experience is the have received many promises never fulfilled: I will, therefore, not promise something, but I commit to history: our party will be with you until the final victory.