Rogrio Duarte Fernandes

One remembers that in this walked, the permanent reflection of the pertaining to school community, therefore, will be able to grant to the proper PPP the paper of tool of orientation for all the involved actors in the actions of teach-learning, building day the day the cognitivo process in classroom in such a way in Average Ensino how much in Ensino Technician this in all its areas and courses, contemplating, then, diverse to know, different partner-cultural realities, and the culture and valuation of the friendship, creativity and of a culture of so necessary peace to the current educational environment, granting then sustentation to the cognitivo process developed and providing to educating the one locus adjusted of basic technician-scientific operacionalizao to the social, independent and adult life, without if forgetting the referenciais necessary for that to desire to continue its academic trajectory e, for obvious, without olvidar of the inherent knowledge to the professionalization, that I eat if it knows, is the historical vocation of the ETEC Hortolndia. The materialization of these actions through the practical one professor, will be able to place itself, outrossim, as instrument and guide for the proper operacionalizao to know, social formation and professional e, equally, for the search of the citizenship, in what this task permanently demand reciprocal attitudes of all in the concretion of the ideal biggest that happens of all practical educational, that is exactly the promotion of critical citizens, the active ones, participativos and citizens of its proper history throughout the life trajectory. Kitchens: the source for more info. 3. References of the history of the ETEC Hortolndia..