Waves, temperature, pressure?, Magnets, the law of gravity?, Spin – spin, right-or left-BDE. Electricity – temperature range? Max Planck was simply no break points, er … sorry, a microscope. And then he was staring at him and shouted: "The wave – particle! Wave – particle … "Shirshov need to look at.

Globally, pony-mash … Wave – galaxy. Home improvement has compatible beliefs. Wave – the universe. And then the microscope … Just think … a microscope.

Would we can see, but at least one microscope, even the tiny, very seedy galaxy, I'm not talking about the universe. Mound of change is necessary. Jackass. Waiting for messages from outer space from the brothers on reason. From the same idiots. If only one letter .., if only one malyava .. but on the ground every day (and night) tumbled thousands of meteorites with DNA. What could be more informative, than DNA? Chi-thief is not learned, ABC did not know! Sneezes, coughs and does not realize that this is the message. And what else would be writing – cuneiform or something, or maybe on the bark? Why are our brothers on reason must be the same immature assholes like us. In the meteorite DNA letters may be the whole story of the universe. Ponastroili telescopes. Jable all. As if in Jable can see at least one letter, at least one line. Even the envelope you will not see! Do not look amplitude. Here just need microscopes. Jackass. Imagine that they can act on the Cosmos. What if once, excuse the expression, air sports, then once all the ozone layer of the earth burst.