Cancela Itabaiana

However the intendant of Itabaiana reconstructed all aestrada of set of wheels d' aquelle city of the city to the river of Cancela, is adjusting all the streets; cleaning the tanks and remodelling the building of the municipality, becoming it as already this, one of bellos of the interior of Sergipe; emquanto aquelle mayor makes everything that is brings in day its commitments and keeps in an irreproachable asseio all the great city (.). It is had in sight what it is transferred in Itabaiana, where all to the population is satisfied with Mr. Paolino Menezes. The incomes grow and its mutiplica operosidade if. Because? Because elle acts in accordance with prceres locaes.

Of commum accordo with the good elements of the land, having in aiming, not it favouritism, but the always increasing progress of bella city. Alli does not have intrigues; it has union of sights. It does not have miracle, it has firm and safe from pulse one administrador' ' (PAULISTANO, 1931). The intendant kept a harmony enters the creditors of the municipality, therefore she could undertake diverse modernizadoras workmanships in the region. Beyond curing the irregularities of the accounts of the city, as he certifies the Report presented for the intendant, to the federal interventor of the State for which the administrator enumerates the workmanships undertaken in the city. The politics of collection of tax adopted for Paolino Aristides, was differentiated of those undertaken by the previous administrators, the creditors of the city paid it without complaints, since the administration did not restrain or used itself of violence for such act. However, some before daily scenes remained in the city, since a series of aggressions was being constant in the city. Intitled ' ' A aggresso in Itabaiana' ' , the periodical denounces the indifference of the police authority: In Itabaiana currently a series of desatinos attended with the indifferena of the police authority has been uncurled.