Beginning Half

In schools DES of small all we receive a concept from life, that everything has a beginning half end, or, it is born it reproduces and it dies etc. With everything, I believe specifically that issu is not applied in everything, in the land, everything I have this cycle bad if we will be to look at of a bigger form as I looked at and imagine, our universe is the test of that nor everything has beginning half end, but yes, the cycle of the life exists, is not only places of the generalized form that is taught we. In my opinion, our universe numca had a beginning and numca tera an end, it always was and it always goes to be here, and oque makes with that issu happens is the cycle of the life, as much how much the land was created by one big bang, other planets also are servant, of the same geito that one day the land anger to finish other planets will go to finish, issu are clearly with thousand of years. But with everything, we can see that this cycle of life is not rank in everything, the universe is the only thing that numca had beginning and end, somento the half infinite, and that inside of this way it has a cycle thus makes that it to be. with this phrase I finish my Article, ' ' The cycle this inside and not in it ' '.