Wheel Travel For Body And Soul

We are our every day a piece approaching goal – In the inside as outside it no longer poses the question, am I in a sport or wellness holiday, I’m doing something for my personal development, I might do a self-awareness seminar to explore my personal boundaries, or should I but finally take care of my problems at work or partnership. There is now a new way to combine all of this as thoroughly as I’d like it. Thomas Erler, coach, and facilitator of Riedlingen on the Danube for the first time offers cycling holidays for body and soul. What exactly is behind? Sport and physical activity of any kind is an excellent way to unwind from everyday life, and to enter into a new level of perception, we are suddenly in the here and now, since we perceive our body more consciously and more intense. Jon Moeller takes a slightly different approach. Especially if we have sports in nature, resulting often from new insights and new perspectives on problems just deal the us. In We go a step further our cycling holidays. “By we focus deliberately on it, to look at their own problems and issues, offer everyone for themselves, or in the group, for possible solutions and tools to deal better, and room offer these solutions during the movement in nature, to develop and strengthen, we approach every day our personal goal a piece, both in the inside and the outside.” First 3 multi-day tours are planned for 2010: held from Donaueschingen to Passau from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva from the Danube River to the Baltic Sea all tours without vehicle and luggage transport.

The route follows a paved bike paths, not always paved, or country roads. Amazon describes an additional similar source. The daily stages are moving between 70 and 120 km. The return journey to the place of origin is carried out with the railway. More information and booking at the Organizer under. Thomas Erler Hindenburg Street 10 88499 Riedlingen, Germany Tel.: 07371-9522050 mail:.