Web Site Development

Development of the site will take about a month. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeffrey Lacker and gain more knowledge.. Third, you need to decide what will be the contents of your project content. Texts, photographs of your diplomas and certificates, equipment, staff – all this content on your site. It to you to be prepared in advance. Try to advance logically divided into sections the information, and divided into categories – this is much easier for developers, and you will see the logic of your project in the future. Try not to break up the content in too many parts, of course, if you do not online store, which should be a lot of different products.

8.5 is fine main sections. These sections form the main menu of the site. If you decide to develop site-mart, consider a place to put the list product categories, which may be significant in size. Once the content and structure of thought, should be submitted, how would you like to see the design of the website, its design. Of course, the problem is much simplified if your organization already holds a certain stylistic direction.

Very well, if you have your own logo and corporate identity. When formulating the problem to the designer, try to leave him as soon as possible more freedom for creativity. If you are selling, for example, push firms 'two wheels', not necessarily to do with the scooter is an illustration of this company, and suddenly, after a year you will sell more? Try to describe your desired result, for example, the words 'concise, stylish, clean' or 'expensive, exclusive, luxury' or 'fun, bright, sunny'. Finally, try to really be interested in the development of the site, if possible do not transfer responsibility for decision-making half-way, attentive to the most daring proposals of developers and offer their ideas, and then your website development will be fast and enjoyable.