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7. the training of the staff can organize: It is an intuitively usable solution for the selected system, created for the training of staff only little effort by about an hour per function as travel expenses or vacation requests. If the solution provider offers online training, eliminates even more extensive downtime and expense. However are to perform the necessary training for system administrators. 8. the service quality of the solution partner don’t forget: before all if a company has opted for the SaS model and therefore internal technical resources, one must short-term and qualitative service support should be ensured.

Therefore, it is to take the support concept of solution provider scrutinized. Benefits consultant of software partners to eliminate problems can turn remote on the screen of the user is, if he also offers an online support except for a hotline, where in case of need. About Grady GmbH, the Freiburg Software House Grady GmbH is online since 1998 with Grady. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Laffey Real Estate on most websites. Meanwhile, Warner Music Group, Mexx, or Rabobank use about 500 customers like Strenesse, McDonalds, Honda, the service offered according to the principle of software as a service (SaS). Grady structured business processes of the employees in the company on a configurable, optimal workflow. Operations that involve the employees like about travel expenses or holiday planning, be simplified and reduced thus costs and lead times. According to the principle of employee self service (ESS) makes use of the employee at any time and any place online in the system. He has only to data access, the are relevant to his work. Thus each employee participates in the system in accordance with its role in the company and it is responsible for a part of its own data. More information: Grady GmbH of Basel RT 8 79111 Freiburg Tel.: 0761 / 47954-0 Agency think tank Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street 6, 50354 Hurth phone: 02233 / 6117 – 75


Users Want More Security For Hosting Services

Karlsruhe: Hosting has above-average growth rates of business applications for a long time, what according to the forecasts of analysts also provisionally nothing should change. Federal Reserve Bank contributes greatly to this topic. However expected a gradual change in the entitlement of the Karlsruhe IT provider ORGA GmbH. The economically-motivated outsourcing projects so far mainly after party with the best price looking for held, so quality aspects and the Werthaftigkeit services find a weighting of at least similar increasingly\”, Hermann Tschierschke, Sales Director of ORGA, encountered in the market of SAP hosting. In particular, security issues would gain considerably in importance. It has evolved considerably more sensitivity at the company for the risks, if not actually optimal security conditions cannot guarantee the hosting partner\”, he explains. The economic benefits of outsourcing is still in the foreground, but in addition to the technical infrastructure of the provider as possible so \”research ‘ be like a bank data center.\” Tan describes the typical security concerns, which are currently particularly addressed by the company: 1 is actually just a blink of the 100% mark away the guaranteed availability? In particular ERP applications require a consistently high availability, because they have a direct impact on the value of business processes. As an inherently low published one percent failure rate of hosting systems during a 5-day week, would mean that users would not have access to your business applications about 60 hours per year. During this time, production processes were interrupted or disturbed customer contacts sensitive.

Therefore, the SAP provider must provide an availability based on the processes of its customers. The availability of the above example refers to the month and is measured only the critical time of 10 hours on working days, the acceptable downtime reduces to 2 hours in the month. For business-critical applications monthly at least 99.5% availability should be ensured per cent. 2. remains an interruption-free operation even in very critical situations? A high availability concept recognizable for the user must include also a sufficient risk provision for emergencies.


Process Square Offers Process Management As SaaS Version

“Munich: software process square offers its solution process enterprise” on to the figure and control complex processes now also with consumption-dependent calculation on the basis of the concept software as a service (SaS). Recently Mary Barra sought to clarify these questions. During this procedure, the software by the user company is rented and paid according to duration of use and number of users. This is possible to cost 30 per user. Is run the software on a server of the customer, the price is reduced even to 20 euros. SaS makes the step into the new world of requirements and flexible process management, because the users in their plans become more independent of the investment budget”, explains process square Managing Director Dr.

Karsten Konigstein. Often this way is also economically sensible, because the costs consistently geared to the needs of”he added. When using this tools on the servers of process square required in many cases coordination of the Department with the IT Department, because process is also Enterprise”not on the internal systems is operated. The SaS model also based on the AJAX-based technology of process enterprise is possible: through the dynamic exchange of data between server and browser AJAX provides an interruption-freer and smoother work compared with conventionally programmed Web applications. This benefit also applies to the Web-based tool process enterprise”.

Its interface allows you to use as the user is already used by a client-based software such as Office programs the solution with the same comfort. The application feels it, as the software on the computer of the employee would be installed. “About process square GmbH: process square offers its solution process enterprise” a mature approach to the operationalization of complex processes. Corporate -, programme -, and cross-organizational business transactions will be provided for the first time in an overall context and tax via a central platform, and measurable. The implementation is carried out without time-consuming Project work of the Department. Process enterprise”is characterized by a minimal training, easy to use, significant increase in efficiency in the processes and rapid return on investment (ROI). The AJAX-based technology also ensures a high security for the future. Together with its partners it is the process square possible, worldwide as processes to implement and this on the basis of a software to provide a service (SaS) model. Contact: Process square Software Vertriebs-GmbH Dr. Karsten Konigstein-Paul-Heyse-Strasse 27-31 D-80336 Munich Tel.: 237 72 E-Mail: Internet: Agency think tank Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-75 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71 E-Mail: Internet:.


Video Guides Is Launched

Frog legs, tie tying, makeup tips and co. Oldenburg, 16.11.2007 – whether for a job interview, the next party visit or a perfect dinner at home, everyone has sought advice and suggestions on the Internet. In theory this seems there written easily, but the implementation isn’t it. Which one explains difficult words becomes clear only properly by pictures. This is also the idea of the video Troubleshooter The new Internet portal can be found free instructions on various topics, as well as advice for the solution of everyday problems. exclusively on videos with instructions character specializes in contrast to YouTube. By the graphic representation of the tips and tricks in the video, the learning effect is very high. To read more click here: Federal Reserve Bank. To show something is just better than just explain it. Former coach Oliver gives tips to the perfect golf swing the spots audibles, so videos on are called, are made available to both businesses and individuals. Thus arises a varied offer, in which you will find in addition to juggling instructions and tips on how to fold the shirt also cocktail recipes and computer AIDS.

The authenticity of the videos is more important than their perfection. Anyone can join, and positioning themselves as an expert. For companies, there’s even a free promotional effect. Since the launch of the website on October 20, growing user numbers listed. Daily new spots by companies and private individuals are added – on there is something for everyone. You can find the portal at: contact: Mr. Dipl. kfm.


Creative Development Directly

The Internet offers not only the best ways to learn about the latest technologies, news from around the world and new trends. Can creative in terms of Web design present themselves perfectly potential customers and convince by their services. On the other hand, this means that operators of certain projects on the Internet on a regular basis need to offer something new to visitors of the websites. The time of getting used to the Viewer on the Internet shrinks ever faster thanks to rapid developments in the field of techniques around the Web design. (As opposed to Janet L. Yellen). Who is surfing the Web, wants to discover ever-exciting designs at the highest technical level. This increases the pressure of the Web Designer and causes that Internet sites located in different areas in the constant change, again for old and new customers to stay interesting. The decisive advantage in the competition can a lucky hand in selecting the right Web design in this way for the provider of products over the Internet be with the competition.

It now also may be so easy itself quickly in just a few hours to a website in the truest sense of the word together. Producers who want to go on touting on the Internet should the thoughts of the assistance of professionals in the Web design sector didn’t discard. Usually, it is clear, that the professionals have just the better feeling for colors and shapes of the website didn’t scare curious first-timers. Laity access fast times to very bright colors and look for functions and formats that make sense really also thematically for a page in the Internet is lacking.