We know however, that the TV in some cases is of sumaimportncia for we, therefore through it we are informed well with notciasdaqui and of other countries, and is through it that the first notice arrives, good ouruim. In this direction, Michaud (1989, pg.49) says: as we can evidence, in one day calmly banal it is to difcilfazer a periodical or a reporter of TV to announce that nothing did not happen. Necessary Amdia of events and lives of the sensational one. The violence, with cargade rupture that it propagates, is as a matter of principle a privileged food for amdia, with advantages for the spectacular, bloody violncias or atrozessobre the common, banal and installed violncias. Although it to be ' ' til' ' for we, in the majority dasvezes, leave in them mentally ill how much its programming therefore I appeal it ligarmoso device and to attend the definitive types of programs is great, mesmosabendo that not in it will bring no scientific knowledge, only sensocomum, therefore a great part of the TV programs brings many inapropriados econtedos information for the schedule and the public in question. Exactly domain assimseu on us is great, therefore we continue in the front of it vezessem nor to notice how much it alienates in them. A care that if must take is with it uncontrols total dascrianas front the television. This uncontrols if of exactly for elaspassarem good part of its time alone and having free access to the aparelhotelevisivo, of this form, they finish for time, not having notion of what it is good or bad, them attend of everything without if worrying about the content, and consequentemente, elasesto more displayed to the influence that the TV has on the habits, comportamentose way to think of the people, without counting in the wild consumerism esuprfluo that it reaches the infantile public.