Chainsaw In

Tires with interchangeable heads, put on a chainsaw medium and high power. Designed for long and heavy – Professional – work (industrial felling). CHAIN low profile designed for chain of non-professional use. They are usually a step of 0.325 inches. Therefore, the main advantage of this circuit (the minimum vibration) blends in disadvantage – low productivity. For powerful chainsaws recommend chain in 3 / 8 or 0.404 inch. Elevated levels of vibration in this case is compensated by good performance.

High-profile chain is aimed at professional use. Characterized by a greater height of the tooth, high performance, but also a significant vibration. There are problems of special difficulty, for example, contaminated or sawing frozen wood. For such works are designed with hard-tipped chain. OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE Chainsaw In practice, most thorough care requires a headset. Necessary to monitor the state of the chain: a well-sharpened, she saws her own, without additional effort. In addition, each sharpening to clean the bar groove from falling back sawdust and dirt.

When not in operation (Several days or more) circuit is recommended to remove and place in a bowl with butter. To prolong the life of cutting equipment the bus periodically (several hours) turn around to wear was the same on both parties. Experts advise on any tire to keep on hand three chains and their constantly changing. This is due to the fact that life in the past about three times smaller than the first. And use a new chain on the former in use a headset is not recommended because the worn tire on their geometry differs significantly from the new and the chain can be broken. If "zanachit" several circuits and alternate them, this problem does not arise. In the process of cutting the chain is stretched slightly. Then we must perform the following operation: to weaken the mount tires with a screwdriver twist the special tensioning screw and again to fix the tire.