Modern Leadership

Probably all agree about, that we live in a constantly changing world. Change and development seem to be, which we can consider as almost the only things. Gavin Baker insists that this is the case. Copenhagen, 01.10.2013 – the labour market is also influenced by this trend. Especially a change in the relationship between work and production has taken place. We see from the Probana business school in our daily work with Danish companies that advanced technology (Automation, modern computer and information technologies) has a significant influence on how we structure work, employment and organisational practice in General. Trainings are important if we want to claim us in an ever faster changing world.

In the year 2025, over 5 billion people will be connected through various online media. This includes undreamed-of possibilities for intercontinental cooperation, regardless of the factor time. An exciting development, which creates a world in which we 24 Hours a day online are and where the fight for good jobs global happening. The world of work has changed dramatically in the past 100 years. Our lives are not longer classic divided into education, work and retirement. Instead, our life is a mosaic of different training, jobs, and experiences. The work world has shifted your focus by production and sales on a clear Mitarbeiterorientiertere perspective.

Psychological factors are steadily gaining importance on the labour market. Many of the companies with which Probana is in contact with, establish HR departments, which deal inter alia with employee satisfaction, motivation and cooperation. These are issues that no longer are in business. We of the Probana business school experience that the requirements for employees and managers therefore stir, that especially executives have to fulfil a new role. In higher dimensions, coaching and Konfliktloserfahigkeiten are required. At the same time, it acts modern leadership as active Bindegleid between the values of the company and the desired behavior of the staff. No longer enough to be a classic Executive. The new generation requires an executive staff, the insights in the human aspects of working life, and that she in their own development support can. Simon C. Borg Probana business school



20 years real estate management courses at the Vienna University of technology over 350 graduates, nearly 100 current participants, more than 80 speakers from Germany and abroad, 3 different course offers 2 international accreditation a success story of the TU Vienna celebrates 20th anniversary on May 14, 2009 celebrated the continuing education center (CEC) of TU Vienna with BranchenvertreterInnen, course, and alumni, as well as in cooperation with the AbsolventInnenverband ImmoABS the 20th anniversary of the real estate management courses at the Technical University of Vienna. The event was initially by Dr. Alexander Redlein, Professor of facility management at the Technical University of Vienna, opened. The academic leader of the University courses real estate trust Weston & real estate management\”as well as MSc real estate management & evaluation\”, Prof. Dr. Bob Martens, FRICS, illuminated in his lecture in the episode the emergence and development of real estate continuing education at the Technical University of Vienna: 1989 took the Vienna University of technology with the initiation of semester course technology and law in property management\”a pioneering role in the German-speaking one.

1997 a postgraduate study programme was established for the first time, the MSc real estate management & assessment program exists since 1999\”, as well as its accreditation at the Royal institution of Chartered Surveyors’ (RICS). In 2007 the establishment of professional MBA facility management was finally\”, the 2008 has been accredited by the quality assurance agency FIBAA. Currently, nearly 100 participants visit the three different courses, the number of graduates is already over 350. The founder of the real estate course offerings at the TU Wien Dr. Ernst Karl Hauswirth, which was until 2005 the course line, was warmly thanked for his commitment.

Following, the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the ECE Projektmanagement held GmbH & co. KG, lic.oec. HSG Gerhard Dunstheimer, a lecture on the topic of current challenges and opportunities of the real estate industry\”.