Monday Closing

For example when you realise calls in cold, you obtain a very common answer ” Not me interesa” then automatically you could answer: Sir prospectus, exactly for that reason I believe that to you you could interest to him in that I am calling to him. How! I already said to him that it does not interest to me. Charles Schwab Corporation may help you with your research. Sir prospectus djeme to explain to him: the majority of people that we did not call either within its industry was interested we contacted when them for the first time. Nevertheless those that seemed interested less turned out to be satisfied increasing their sales with dramatic way. So when you say to me that this interested that could not mean that our solution is exactly what walked looking for to increase its sales. I would like to interview with you to show to me to him what our product can make by you to help him to increase its sales.

That you are a occupied person reason why only I need ten minutes its time. What would be the best hour for you? It can Monday in the evening or it prefers Tuesday in the morning? The idea of this closing of sale is to apply a logical, irrevocable and irresistible answer that it makes include to the client or prospectus who will not exist one better occasion to acquire your product or service in the future. To make him notice that if it decides to let pass the opportunity today. Its decision will repel at some future date in its pocket. Now the sale closing practices: it chooses the six more common objections that you can find in your industry for your product and/or service and adapts this closing of sale in a sequence of irresistible logic that helps you to refute more objections and to close more sales.

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Jean Piaget

But long before, they were the religious dogmas that spread the thesis of the social order like mystical dogma, so that, outside by the norm of the social organization or by episteme dogmatic, the disorderly person would face serious problems. But in the disorder everything is not negative, they verify as and they maintain it figures of the science, the Literature or the policy, that in their public and deprived life were disorganized contumaces. A graphical and well-known example was the writing-desk of Albert Einstein. It was an absolute chaos and in some occasion it defended publicly his disorder with affirmations like this one: " If a jammed table is symptom of a disorderly mind, then what we must think of a writing-desk emptiness? " Alexander Fleming is another example of disorder productivo". One went of vacations without ordering nor cleaning his laboratory and when returning he found mould in his culture of bacteria, which allowed to discover the antibiotic action him of penicillin.

Another example? Famous Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget. Piaget lived in a complete chaos, and when it affirms that chaos was total" it is not exaggerated. The papers and the books arrived until the ceiling of almost all the atmospheres of their house, because it was never possible to be verified if the sanitary rooms also were stuffed of papers, books or notes. Piaget maintained that his it was not an improvised disorder, but the fruit of years of accumulated disorder, that it had baptized like " order vital". He himself justified su" disorder with this sentence: " I lose less time looking for something I need when it every day that ordering ". The English dramatist Thomas Middleton resorted to the irony to justify his lack of order: " One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is continuously making descubrimientos&quot new and exciting;.