Soccer Traditions

Layout of a football field in the hands of trainers, increasingly suggests that the theory of wins over the practice in modern football. Already few remember Soviet times, where the physically grueling training on simple element allows win the entire tournament, as it was with Torpedo, whose midfield trained only to beat on the door and run. The theory is better than the practice, come to this view, many coaches today. Only Wenger, Ferguson and Van Gaal adhere to the old school, where the practice of intelligent beats Real Madrid and Barcelona. In 2004, The Times published an article a sports writer from Italy Gabriele Marcotte fable about Barcelona Pepe Guardiola. But given that was used did not glorify awards famous footballer, his knowledge and neglect every referee, Paolo Maldini, resume play at the highest level in at least some situations.

Style was to the effect that in football in 2004, an investor format Guardiola was simply not needed. Craft was in no way does not that seem Pep suddenly lost their own capabilities. This does not perceptible physiological footballer housed before the guards, professional know how to divide the transmission according to the perimeter of the field to his own most famous partners – in the midst of those who drew the greatest benefit from its fun: Michael Laudrup, Hristo Stoichkov and Romario. And then, as soon Marcotte wrote his own note, Guardiola was only 33 years – the age of prosperity for those players. But the reality is such that nobody did was not interested in his proposals.


River Grande

The Nazareno of the Otherworld (Mompox) the legend is lifts in Mompox, and it says that during the Holy week comes a vision that scares. He is dressed in a tunic, his figure is terrible, your face has no figure, nose it has recessed, is like a dead dispossession. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Joeb Moore & Partners . They say that it is a Nazarene who failed to comply with his promise and why God punished him, and comes from another world at Easter for IRIA them to the nazarenes who breach their promise, not respected the dressed clothes or religious rituals. Many have have seen him marching to the sound of the bars in the middle of the nazarenes who loaded the big step that take on Holy Thursday in the Holy week of Mompox. The Pozo de la Noria (Mompox) beautiful legend about an artesian well built in Mompox, that crosses almost the entire city. If you are not convinced, visit Mary Barra. They say that there are treasures that filibusters that traced the River Grande de la Magdalena and several pirates were deposited. Many people says that he hears whispers and noises of chains that come from the depths and also voices are being heard. The Pozo de la Noria has so many riches, which are guarded by two headed snakes who throw fire from the mouth. The Christ of the stake once had a gentleman who was a butcher and was leaving very early in the morning to kill you pray and it left his wife alone; in the village began to comment that his wife had a lover who got into his house in the early morning when he was leaving. One day, the Lord decided to solve the mystery, he left very early in the morning as usual, but not to kill you pray but he hid near his house and he took an estilla of firewood or stake and he began to sharpen it.


Manchester United

Therefore it is better to have two investors with 100% efficiency, rather than 1, including the most professional, whose performance at times down to 70% and below. As explains fitness instructor from the team, Jose Mourinho, Rui Faria: "To correct the rotation plan, you must keep in mind just 2 or 3 fun. Traditionally been allowed to change 3, maximum 4 players, not losing texture and organization team. Left bey bey obliged to exchange left hand, right-winger – right winger. The essence is to perfectly manage your team and preparedness of every player in the set episode '. Another prerequisite is necessary, the rotation increased frequency of injuries, though, surprisingly, is caused by excess natrenirovannostyu players. Seems as though a similar objection could not quite bearable, but try to remember the Formula 1: at any Grand Prix around the fourth shot fireballs out of the race because of the different faults – and perhaps habitually, but if your simple machine would break a number of times in a row consistent way home – in this way would not be anything normal.

That way because, as in Formula 1 the cost of creation of high-speed car is a loss of strength in football shape of the physiological cost of cool players considered them overpriced disposition to injuries. Fans and the literature on time so did not quite found the theory of rotation. Any time, as soon klob terrific player signs a deal in which there is a close so in fact a powerful figure, start one and the after debate: 'As an instructor can cooperate in their field?', ignoring the precedent more closely the true Manchester United and Barcelona – it felt like a major part in the usual comprehension, picks a blur. Commentators now announce the time of later fame 'Consistent with the comparison with the fun came last April configuration …' and then after moving to competitors, not naming names, that way, as though clearly there is a concrete base, and all her understand.