KOM Concept

Selected customers can now build available from 2011 new house type of the second generation the company K.O.M. concept in May 2009 an as simple as an original concept for the construction of housing on the market brought. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ajit Pai. At a guaranteed fixed price was offered a house ready for collection; This single House strategy was successful. A standard model allows favourable conditions, because architecture and planning costs are saved, be made without compromising on the quality of materials and components, the Windows and doors up to complete brand fitted kitchen. K.O.M. concept sets also utmost importance on transparency in the design of the offer, the occurring all too often at the building surprises in terms of additional costs from the outset to avoid. Also this in the framework of individual customers wanted to make her house could be realized. This approach has proven itself and continues now with a new design of the House, which takes into account customer needs K.O.M.

concept often worn up. The new House is finished projects and goes to the sales start. The best value for money is achieved with the quality tester for maximum customer benefit as well as in the previous model of the House, that is offered on the market. With the K.O.M. House of the second generation introduces another innovative customer service: selected customers to test launch the new House, and their experiences and suggestions go to the series. So, the prototype, incorporating the special expertise of builders, just running through the building, can be optimized. The families should decide in this House concept for the K.O.M and be prepared to bring their experiences in the dialog with the K.O.M concept team.

The advantage of buying for this exceptional measure is enormous, it is all in there and turn and includes, inter alia: parquet floors made of real wood, a residential area of 177 square meters, floor heating with air heat pump, KfW 70 standard, spa bathroom, guest WC, wardrobes, and much more. What requirements must be observed? A personal application is required for the selection as quality family! Call 030 43 66 22 00 or send an email request to. It is important for families who want to apply that they have already a plot or have already found your dream property. The first House of the second generation is currently being built in Berlin, that next follows shortly in Hamburg for the greater Hamburg with Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, Germany.



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