Pelle Hjortblad

Here too there were and black sheep. Overall, but can determine that the companies which are located in the Internet market for years, nowadays have become. You have gained the appropriate credibility and not disappointed the trust of customers. Alone when you can see the acceptance of Microsoft. Using the many Microsoft programs is now absolutely normal and commonplace. That creates trust.

Would you say that in particular online banking has supported the acceptance of business-oriented Internet service provider? Pelle Hjortblad: I would agree absolutely. Alone if I see how the situation is here in Sweden. Here, the possibilities of online banking use over 90% of the people. And those who do not make it, are certainly older than 75 years. With us is certainly more a geographic feature that 450,000 km, almost 9 million inhabitants live in Sweden. As you can imagine, such as far often the way to next Bank. Of course, which has played an important role for the acceptance of online banking. And who trusts to transfer his money based on cutting-edge Internet technology, which has certainly no problems at all so, to exchange other data along the same route.

After online banking not only in Sweden but also in densely populated States, such as for example Germany has established itself, the fear of the Internet technology of convinced their performance will differ in these countries. At the keyword fear you not get around these days to the global recession. How do you see the future in the SaS market more pink or Raven Black Cabbage? Pelle Hjortblad: I’m coming from my basic assessment an optimist. And my positive attitude is at least as regards the SaS market – shared by leading market research institutes such as E.g. Gartner. I read recently in a study that one assumes, that the SaS market 2009 at the level of 2008 will remain or even minimal grow.