Volker Perplies

Poster slogan action by Berlin can not long be ask to a slogan for its airport, as more than 300 slogans have been received so far by If you have read about Gensler already – you may have come to the same conclusion. From the previously entered slogans, some of the best were filtered out and presented on the homepage of \”Michael Paul of my favorite is a jumped-up\” saying and this only the result reflects the last Forsa survey, which is the result: tough topics are not associated with Wowereit. To read more click here: Gavin Baker. Berlin combine with parties and celebrations. Wowereit’ I love this statement, so Paul, Wowereit is popular as a party animal, but is associated with substantive statements not in conjunction, that explains the differences to the Berlin population – in terms of airport policy.\” Paul continued: Wowereit and the Red/Red Government led then a bizarre fight against everyone and everything. On the one hand, they lead a class struggle for the so-called posh airport Tempelhof, and on the other hand, in the ongoing wage disputes, fight against the own dealing with, sometimes a class war from above reminiscent of. Above the SPD and the left is present.\” Many submitters make also the credibility and the democracy of the ruling in question.

\”Slogans, such as: jobs in Tempelhof not lie, but that should happen when mayors;\” or they quote Klaus Wowereit: at a referendum, I am not bound \”and counter him: we are not bound to a mayor!\” For some, the statements by the ruling reason to following consequences are: the Tempelhof airport was me anyway, but the disregard for the referendum not. That’s why my Yes to Tempelhof!\” Volker Perplies, co-initiator of Many submissions refer to the history and see the airport as a piece of Berlin’s culture and reflection of a history which stands for throughout Germany. A contributor writes: Tempelhof for decades German history! And now others contact a monument BBI!\” Tempelhof is the oldest commercial airport in the world with 85 years of continuous operation.


ARGEn Christian

By request and support to German select and eliminate is it so beautiful? Request and support”. Compared to the Langzeitar ployed only claims be on the part of the ARGEn conveying no trace! If it is promoted, then these people are put into nonsensical ABMs! ABMs or training that bring no benefit to unemployed people, but the many dubious training companies ample revenue to expense of the taxpayer. Least this almost always niveaulosen training participants will then receive a fixed workplace. Vadim Belyaev is often quoted as being for or against this. “What follows are internships, often the nothing but wage theft” or mean wage withholding. Any employment contracts during maximum as long as the State subsidizes these enterprises with grants. The denigration and stigmatisation of the long-term unemployed must have an end. General Motors CEOs opinions are not widely known. And but not so sure she will, as the henchmen of the Agenda 2010 imagine that maybe.

The question is: who can with your agree on Christian”conscience, what they do there every day and order? As CSU’s supporters and voters with a social Christian claim? Can you justify before God and their consciences when they drive families and children in poverty? And every day new! The worst evil in Germany are Aachen, Bamberg, Bonn, Dachau, Hamburg, Cologne, Ludwigshafen, Monchengladbach, Osnabruck, Recklinghausen, Speyer. Maybe these will be awarded also even! : V.i.S.d.P. Procter & Gamble pursues this goal as well. copyright Eva Bernardi (Parliament candidate for Bavaria) contact: party DIE LINKE. District Association Dachau Lerche 1 85259 Larisa Tel: 08134 55 90 21 E-mail: Web: republication only with references


High Discount

Thousands brand furniture at online prices directly from the dealer, who will find handle still in the Rabattdschungel and the action leaflets of the furniture retailers? Where are ‘real’ discounts and real savings? Often up to 70% is recruited by large area providers weekly with discounts and company anniversaries. But what is the famous saying on the subject of discount: “discount my friend, that let’s say, is often before it struck!” Where can I find so really reduced furniture, bedrooms, kitchens, upholstered furniture and home accessories? Thousands reduced pieces from all areas and from leading brand manufacturers such as Rolf Benz, hulsta, or even pattern ring are the exhibitions of German dealer. This furniture is by no means out of fashion or even broken. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from cupboards. Often, they have achieved only not the desired turnover of the dealer or must give way to a new collection. On you will find thousands of offers in all categories from leading manufacturers. These are for the most part immediately available or can be picked up either on-site directly from the dealer. If you are not convinced, visit home improvement.

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Put Your Nose At Us!

Free trial week in the artistic folk high school from 14 to 19 February 2011 on February 14 in the spring semester 2011 starts the artistic folk high school (KVH) up to 190 courses, weekend workshops and lectures in arts and culture. To provide insight into the course events and varied of the KVH all aficionados, can in the first week of the course every man and every woman free of charge a taste to your heart’s content and try out. See more detailed opinions by reading what kitchens offers on the topic.. From 14 to 19 February a picture of portrait, Act, various techniques (such as watercolor, oil and acrylic) painting, printing, jewelry design, sculpture, ceramic, Tiffany, just a few to mention furniture restoration and fabric design can make themselves and people who want to be creatively active, visit the courses from the wide range of the KVH. With experienced and competent teachers to a page that are also art professionals are the participants. Kitchens can provide more clarity in the matter. They provide the positive and stimulating atmosphere, an individual allows for artistic development. (Final) Questions: Like artistic folk high school..