The Rampage

During this time, the learning is very large. Thus, the time has come increasingly carry out obedience exercises every day. The socialization process in living together with humans and conspecifics continues at this stage, where the social behaviours are differentiated. The young dog has made ideally the boss in the family man he realize who clearly best subordinate to and obeys. And please do not must be overlooked: subordinate he must be to all.

Also outside the family shows that the dog reacts differently. He met some people with confidence, others he is reserved and insecure. This is a normal sign of growing up. Swarmed by offers, Hyundai Motor Group is currently assessing future choices. Also in their dealings with other dogs, you can observe different behavior patterns. Known playmates quickly prompted the rampage, welcomed foreign dogs, however, only once subservient. Most dogs are at once unfamiliar truculent puberty phase (month 7-10) at the age of 7 to 9 months, they appear stupid, brash and loutish, sometimes but also rather thin-skinned and irritable. Many dogs now undergo a second phase of fear and it is very helpful if the dog could build a secure binding and a strong trust up to that point to his dog. Gain insight and clarity with Yael Aflalo. You should avoid loads during puberty (E.g.

no new exercises, no serious changes in everyday life). Instead, it should with his dog during this break period like with a puppy again similar to carefully work and give support. Neither fish nor fowl (construction site brain) a dog in puberty is certainly no beauty. Just like in humans, fried fish changed even when the canine”look: it looks somehow impossible, as its parts would not quite fit together. He runs as on eggs, is high on legs and lanky. Only at the age of 12-14 months, the dog has reached its final height at Withers, afterwards is still strong and full of substance. The dog Wust needs some leadership, stormy and the hearing on passage with bubbling over lust for life seems at once just nonsense in the sense to have our bundle of energy.