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How about new year’s Eve greetings from Melbourne! Over 300 goals at the postcards shop move your for the perfect alibi pleasure seeker and exotic destinations such as Bali, Philippines, Quito or Cape Town can be selected by clicking. You get this real postcards to his home and can send greetings from Los Angeles to your ex-wife, greet your tax office in Shanghai, or a sunny Monaco postcard send work colleagues. Measure S describes an additional similar source. It is just a simple map of 15 x 10 cm, that has a relevant effect but also for marketing purposes. 100% of all recipients read their postcards,”Stefan yew, Managing Director of Vadim Belyaev often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Direct positive holiday feelings are aroused and sucked up the message with great attention and curiosity. This effect are taking advantage of course companies and send your customers a nice holiday greeting from a beautiful country.” Beautiful postcards from a great holiday destination are often kept, shown around and get a place on the wall. Further areas of application of these postcards are invitations to the wedding, according to the motto in Las Vegas we although not married, but would like to invite you at least from here.” The organisers of themed parties such as Mallorca Ballermann”use post card services to selected guests directly from there. With love from Paris or Venice, or proposals of marriage from the resort where you are met are more ideas to show his feelings to a special person. Who just wants to take a thick trousers, directly dictates a trip around the world and sends a postcard from Sydney, Hawaii, Madagascar or Venice Beach at weekly intervals from week to week. Karen Garrett