Canal Street

In the West and East Village can enjoy restaurants, shops, cafes, historic taverns and music clubs as the White Horse Tavern, place followers of the writer Dylan Thomas and where legend has it that drank their last eighteen cups. Artists, musicians, jugglers and New York University students gather in Washington Square Park and there is always some street performance that join. More info: Federal Reserve Bank. The Blue Note jazz clubs and the Village Standard are institutions where there have been fixtures of the genre throughout its history. The area of Soho, industrial spaces with cast-iron facades that once harbored art galleries, has become in the last decades in commercial premises, with boutiques and clothing stores on both sides of Broadway to Canal Street. Among the stores most popular in Soho are the Japanese boutique Uniqlo and Topshop the British tent. A leading source for info: Joeb Moore & Partners . To the West of Soho, TriBeCa neighborhood is home to hotels, restaurants, and the TriBeCa Film Festival at the TriBeCa Film Center, founded by Robert De Niro. The ethnic quarters of Chinatown, Little Italy and the Lower East Side offer the opportunity to appreciate the history of immigration in New York City, and try the food from different countries.

In the financial district, you can walk through Wall Street and see the building of the New York Stock Exchange, visit the World Trade Center Memorial and take one of the trasbordadores boats to the statue of liberty and Ellis Island. Navigating Manhattan streets in Manhattan are located mostly in the form of grid up to Greenwich Village, which facilitates pedestrian navigation. 5Th Avenue located the Meridian between the East and West of the island, and the beginning of the numbers of buildings in both directions. For example, the address 100 47 Street is one block from 5th Avenue eastbound, and the 100 W 47th Street one block in the opposite direction. Street numbers are higher towards the North of the city and avenues numbers begin on the East River and increase in direction to the Hudson. Between the 5th and 3rd Avenue avenues of Madison, Park and Lexington, are making it a little confusing when looking for an address in the East.


The African

Soon after the permission to the row the African religions start to show its face. However, the historiogrficos registers only appear from the relations of its fidiciary offices establish with the religion of the Portuguese colonizador. (LIGIRO, 1993, P. 23) Ahead of what she was displayed above, our captive could certainly live deeply the African culture, through the religiosidade, as many blacks made when associating the saints catholics to orixs. Isaura, for having privileges in analogy to the other captives, certainly could live deeply a little of the culture of its mother without as many impediments. However, to accept the culture afro would be for our slave to move away from the privileges and advantages, for specifically not possessing something marcante that it sends the African people, in this case the culture.

– Pods to say what to want Rose; but I know well, that in the room or the kitchen I am not more than what a slave as you. Also you must yourself to remember, that if today you find yourself here, tomorrow knows God where you will be. Let us work that it is our obligation. Let us leave of these colloquies that do not have favour none. At this moment the one strokes of a bell hear sineta; they were three for four hours of the afternoon; sineta called the slaves it supper. The slaves suspend its works and arise themselves; Isaura, however is not moved, and continues to weave.

– Then? – escarninho says to it Pink with its air, – you do not hear Isaura? they are hours; we go to the beans. – Not, Rose; they leave me to be here; I do not have hunger none. I am advancing my task, that I began very late. To deepen your understanding kitchens is the source. (GUIMARES, 2008, p.53) 2,4 Personificaes of slaves literarily. In this romance, we have as black personages and afro-descendants, the Isaura principle and with lesser participation Rosa and Andres.


Oak To

Silviano Santiago finishes its tram giving a surprising outcome, that makes in them to dive in one to rethink of the accepted values as traditionally correct for the ethics and moral of our time. Death and madness, shame and guilt are so contemporaries how much the discovery of remedies and technological inventions. Federal Reserve Bank usually is spot on. Still if preza very for obsolete moral and cultural values, therefore to the times we can in them become attached the preconceptions of race, color, sex, classroom, age, illness. Of this form, it persists in our society, the homofobia, racism, the social inaquality, the aversion to sick people. In against departure, we feel guilt and shame for feeling. We are fruit of a traditionally constructed society.

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