Web Site Development

Development of the site will take about a month. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeffrey Lacker and gain more knowledge.. Third, you need to decide what will be the contents of your project content. Texts, photographs of your diplomas and certificates, equipment, staff – all this content on your site. It to you to be prepared in advance. Try to advance logically divided into sections the information, and divided into categories – this is much easier for developers, and you will see the logic of your project in the future. Try not to break up the content in too many parts, of course, if you do not online store, which should be a lot of different products.

8.5 is fine main sections. These sections form the main menu of the site. If you decide to develop site-mart, consider a place to put the list product categories, which may be significant in size. Once the content and structure of thought, should be submitted, how would you like to see the design of the website, its design. Of course, the problem is much simplified if your organization already holds a certain stylistic direction.

Very well, if you have your own logo and corporate identity. When formulating the problem to the designer, try to leave him as soon as possible more freedom for creativity. If you are selling, for example, push firms 'two wheels', not necessarily to do with the scooter is an illustration of this company, and suddenly, after a year you will sell more? Try to describe your desired result, for example, the words 'concise, stylish, clean' or 'expensive, exclusive, luxury' or 'fun, bright, sunny'. Finally, try to really be interested in the development of the site, if possible do not transfer responsibility for decision-making half-way, attentive to the most daring proposals of developers and offer their ideas, and then your website development will be fast and enjoyable.


Internet Space Is Changing

Demands of the time dictate the quality of new products and services presented in the virtual space. Recently Jonathan Segal FAIA sought to clarify these questions. Of what constitutes a quality online products? From professional design development of a well thought out content with the use of modern technology and, of course, a number of other components. To create the appropriate spirit of the times the sites need to be aware of the latest developments and technologies. Using these or other solutions, developers of sites in each case come from practical necessity. The main criterion here is the ease of finding information clients and partners, as well as the convenience of site management. Jonathan Segal FAIA is full of insight into the issues.

To learn how to add modern Internet technologies in a competitive product, we are told Timoshina Elena, the head of "Simpson": CP: Helen, tell me, is it difficult to create Web sites, "accord with the times"? Elena Timoshina: Creating a Web site that is creative, interesting and lively work. Compliance with the times means that the site has become an effective sales tool. Interactive dialogue with visitors, constantly updated articles, blogs, various services … And all that running the site owner. Is it hard to create it? Perhaps.

But terribly interesting. CP: What requirements must meet the current website? Elena Timoshina: The site should become an assistant client, not a stumbling block or difficult to achieve. Filling in all forms, purchase orders, forms should be intuitive and does not create the desire to have a site visitor to contact support. Web site design should comply with corporate identity and sphere of its activity. New technological solutions can make an incredibly interesting journey through the site. Service capabilities will allow the site to automatically obsuzhivat visitors, take orders, send messages, time to show exactly what he wants to see a regular visitor, adjusting its interface, its routine inquiries. CP: What is the average market value site? Elena Timoshina: The cost of site consists of many criteria: the cost of the license management system, if required, the complexity of site structure, design requirements, the saturation of its dynamic elements and flash-animation, the need to integrate it with different data structures and the time of manufacture.


Installing Scripts

When creating a site has to do not just bare html page with text, but also put feedback forms, forums, online shops, mailing systems, polls, etc. All these forms are written in a programming language, often This language is php. But, in fact it is not important, then the question – what financial resources we have, whether we can buy a ready script, or we will have to download a free script, or to hire programmers who write with zero of any program to your requests, or to complete an existing free script. But if you do not have a corporate site, but simply its own page, and you want to make the site more interactive, then forward. Go to Yandex and seek the necessary script. At the very principle the installation there are no complications. Suppose we install on your website script online store. The first step is fill it to the site, such as creating a folder, sell, and upload there script entirely.

Further, if our site called, then in the browser address bar typed address / sell / install, and then follow the instructions to install the store. Most scripts are installed in such a way, just look at folder of your script the contents, there will be an index.php file and install folder or file install.php. If these files are not there, then there is a file config.phpkotory requires no installation, and it simply will have to edit by entering the value of your passwords login, etc. And so our first case, we follow our installation instructions, to drive the server name, by the way, check if your server supports php, and what his configuration after installation in order to safely remove the file installation, and go into the admin panel, the first thing on changing administrator passwords, or a standard password your online store will be administered by anyone, and then trying to drive our products, price lists, pictures. Now for the full security of our online shop is to install the same way a couple of scripts security against unauthorized access. Still, good luck.