Territory Land

But in the truth the agricultural man is separate of all, only remaining the property a mere production, being mentally ill for the system, as Paul Singe says: ' ' He is scholar who the capital one only can assenhorear of a branch of activities, therefore, that the penetration of the capitalism in Brazilian agriculture poured the peasant of its direct access the land transforming it of independent producer into assalariado' '. (SINGE, 1997, P. 5) It is verified that the man of the field does not go to have a choice, therefore will be consumed by the capitalism, then passing of a simple peasant a wage-earner, and in contradiction he will be an agricultural worker, but vendendo its force of work to a great large estate owner, or when one becomes necessary or I was felt obliged to try the life in ' ' city grande' ' , that many of these men will be submitted, the arduous works and many enslaved times, as them you float cold and farmers who go to submit themselves to the works in the canaviais. The man of the field already if does not feel part of the field, is a peasant without land, in the truth in the o will find yes as a worker without work, since he expropriates when it of its proper land, already is part of a mass excluded without rights, only plus one without hope in the country, and where much they go to find support is in the MST, poi will have its dignity in return and enthusiasm for the fight there, to try to mobilize the government and that this takes the measures cabveis for so dreamed agrarian reform. What it is the Territory in its Essncia and Exterioridade? The territory is balanced by attempts of appropriation X expropriation, the many conquests made without taking in account the local inhabitants is divided. .