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To present a page Web always is difficult task and one of the first steps consists of obtaining that the finders index the Web site suitably. For it usually we resort to the interchange of connections with which not always we obtained the results that we hoped. In this article I am going to comment some useful tricks to select to the most suitable connections our interchange and to avoid those that can be negative for our page. In order to find good connections it analyzes always the following aspects before accepting or asking for an interchange of connections. It looks for sites with contents similar to treaties in your page. Although on this point there are many discussions and it does not seem that we agree ourselves, the certain thing is that the users will be thankful to be able to accede to connections that are of their interest and consequently they will value better your site. It avoids the interchanges with pages with an excessive number of salient connections. The rule is easy: Importance of the page/number of connections = importance of the connection. Click Vadim Belyaev to learn more.

Therefore, less salient connections greater importance will have your connection for the finder. IBI Group will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It verifies the amount of incoming connections. A high number of incoming connections is good signal. It also verifies the number of pages that it has indexed. To greater number of indexed pages it deepens Google in the site more and higher it is the quality of the connection to add it to the interchange. It verifies the positioning for the key words of the page. If the result is good it means that the person in charge of the positioning is carrying out a good work and this also is beneficial for you.

It avoids the interchanges with pages that connect to penalized pages that could harm your site in the future. It verifies the code in case it includes hidden connections or prohibited labels by which it can be penalized by Google. It always avoids the connections with sites that try to deceive Google. Other data that you can review are the number of visits and the Page Rank. You do not accept connections by means of scripts or put in marks, redireccionamientos or similars. The finders do not follow these connections reason why they do not serve to present our site in the finder. Following the tricks described you will make better contact for your interchange. It remembers that amount is not synonymous of quality, limits your interchanges a prudential number. Twenty I connect are than sufficient more for an optimized interchange. Copyright Carlos Bouza. Reserved all the rights. Analyst and developer creative Web, among others pages, of in which contents, services and tools are offered to create and to promote Web sites.


Heinz Kierchhoff

“” As we in the tendency of over 50 percent of scores on our gaming platforms in victory, defeat or draw correctly calculated, can we assume the experiment of a high probability for the Schalke “, explains Dr. Kierchhoff and limiting at the same time: of course we can not take into account factors such as fluctuations in form, injuries and suspensions in a simulation of a whole series of the half.” Press contact: Matthias Wiemers – NEUSTA GmbH Contrescarpe 1-28203 Bremen FON: 0421 20 696-0 – fax: 0421 20 696-99 E-Mail: – Internet: business contact: aitainment GmbH – Dr. If you would like to know more about kitchens, then click here. Heinz Kierchhoff (GF) Consul-Smidt-str. 8f – 28217 Bremen phone: 0421 / 61 95 64 0 – fax: 0421 / 61 95 64 69 E-Mail: – developed the aitainment GmbH and the latest generation of e-sports games, marketed based on a newly developed technology from the field of artificial intelligence. The first products of the aitainment are online soccer manager with different game modes. These combine artificial intelligence with constantly updated data of real football professionals.

This match simulations are possible with virtual professionals (autonomous software robots), which correspond to the real players in their properties and act within the framework of their tactical requirements of the user. Each match can be evaluated according to the simulation of a match report and considered as 3D animation. The technology of the aitainment guarantees realistic gameplay, the other football manager games don’t offer. The German Football League (DFL) has opted for the technology of the aitainment. The official Bundesliga is started parallel to the season 2007/08 with great success Manager (OBM). In the third season, more than 140,000 enthusiastic users fight Manager with their teams at the official Bundesliga Championships and cups, but also real prices. The aitainment was formed as a spin-off from the University of Bremen. aitainment is composed of the terms “Artificial intelligence” (artificial intelligence) and “Entertainment”.

In the aitainment is a highly motivated team, including scientists from the University of Bremen for the KI development, innovative Web developers and experienced online editors. Dr. Heinz Kierchhoff (CEO) and Dr. Ubbo Visser (CTO) are responsible in the management.