The Oneself

To the problems that you had already at home, yet you probably never would have had without boarding come. In such situations the disappointed parents tend the warranted services”boarding Treaty to the letter to request a. Meticulously looking now after each failed teaching or tutoring hour, censures any scornful remark of educators, which could have resulted in a spiritual violation of own to growth. Completely out of sight, the simple fact that the boarding contract contains no guarantee of success, yes that the risk of failure of the child in the boarding school on one side is according to hochstrichterlichem saying the parents, because to insinuate, that this far better evaluate the suitability of boarding school their child than the boarding school by the ausgeklugelteste Aufnahmever drive yourself here device. Whether the educational offers of boarding in the single Aufnahmekan-didaten be effective, is to a large extent on certain conditions and characteristics tied, that this also should bring. These include such elementary things like fitness for the selected schools, a realistic self-assessment, E.g. in the selection of performance course compartments or the willingness, on the proposed support actively and cooperatively to get involved.

Against his will, is to help anyone. And also the best boarding school is can compensate hardly, what cognitive and social intelligence, self discipline and critical self-reflection or typical straightness and reliability is missing. Unrealistic expectations of the parents also fault the boarding school advertising of course the boarding schools carry a certain complicity with the exaggerated expectations of their clientele. Too rarely, they publicly indicate that the means of boarding school education are limited, that is cooked in the boarding school only with water. Leaving it fallen like, that the media cases machenhafter changes and developments, the it actually Yes may give, to present, as if it were here examples from everyday ordinary boarding school. Would the cases of tragic failure, for which it is also sufficient evidence, press reports and equally generalized TV posts – nobody would have probably his child still a boarding school! The best guarantee for the success of a boarding residence in a sober assessment of the need for assistance, which itself is the situation of the / is the future boarding school student/elements. This, which should afford the boarding school, should be in proportion to the oneself () can afford. Not least, the financial aspect is meant here – in addition to the properties of the pupil -. If you have little money to spend, is often better, a daily homework supervision by a tutor engaged at his own expense to invest in this, instead of selecting a cheap boarding school, the while Board and lodging in acceptable Can offer quality, but not the intensive and individual school accompaniment, which requires a child with learning, concentration or motivation problems under certain circumstances.