Alexander Amaya

What if it is clear it is when Cecilia shows a video where Pink Magaly, red secretary of mother country defends the CRAF. And this is lamentable, because she says that the kidnapping is not for as much. But she is not candidate to regidora in the list of Susana Villarn In this Susana interview defends and removes face by all candidates to regidores. Soon Cecilia mentioned some names of the list, I accuse and them to support to the CRAF Susana gave a press conference, comprehensibly indignant they had compared because it with Abimael Guzmn. Susana never has killed nobody, and is a peace woman. Susana said: Already coarse of calumnies. It is hour to respond against as much lie and as much hatred.

We rejected the violence in all forms, and we are not going to allow that they put fear to him to people so that they do not vote by us This is a campaign of moral lynching. But it seems that they are going to end up raising it, instead of to sink it Susana verified that a candidate to regidor, hid to information of a judgment by violent disturbances that slope with the judicial power has east Sir, of name Alexander Amaya the video that presented/displayed Cecilia Valenzuela, where it shows Olga Moran participating in a march in favor of the CRAF, frankly at first I believed it to me. But now that is checked the farce, I believe Olga to him Moran, that this is a lie Susana shows to the cover of the newspaper the Mail they show where it with a Marxist greeting, with fist in stop, and this is not just. I meet Aldo Maria’tegui, is my friend of the university.