Stargate Universe

In this article I would like to talk about Stargate – the TV series, feature films and used it in an alien device, and, of course, on our website which is dedicated to all this. More specifically, all this can be read on the website On our site you can also watch online all series all series Stargate Getting around was supposed to film shot in 1994. Science fiction film Stargate (the English. Stargate) was a huge success .. The plot of this film was based on the fact that in 1928 a certain group of archaeologists working near the Egyptian pyramids at Giza, has found a device in the form of a circle, purpose, which is very long to learn. Only in the 90s of the 20th century visiting Dr. Daniel Jackson was able to decipher the inscriptions on the device and found that it was a device to move into the space formed through a wormhole.

This film has been committed trip to one of the planets in our galaxy. Read more about this movie and see yourself, please visit our website Stargate, the first film. The first film was a great success and huge fees in movie theaters. In 1997, the decision was made about the shooting of the science fiction television series "Stargate SG-1" (English Stargate SG-1). It has been shown 10 seasons shows. The series, unlike the film introduced the assumption that there is a whole network of Stargate, that were installed advanced ancient race on planets with suitable environmental conditions of human life. In the series, appeared a large number of alien races and peoples, both hostile and friendly. Shooting this series were 10 years until 2007, and we've got the biggest sci-fi TV series, consisting of 10 seasons.

July 16, 2004, when there were shooting SG-1, the premiere of the first series (the name of Awakening), a new TV show Stargate Atlantis (Atlantis). Learn more at: Ajit Pai. The shooting of the sci-fi series lasted for almost five years until 2008, and was shot five seasons of 20 episodes. Plot the new series is based on a set of eight chevrons on Stargate. At the same time formed a passage to another galaxy (Pegasus) and the team came to the city of ancient Atlantis. In the series, a large number of new races and peoples, and a new enemy Wraith. It was filmed several feature films, animated series and, Finally, in 2009, began running television series of the third series – Stargate Universe, which is removed so far. Currently, started showing the second season of the universe. All movies and TV series Stargate series, and a large number of other movies you can download for free at high speed on a torrent tracker.



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