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UKIS PlantLink allows the integration of the Siemens SCADA system SPPA-T3000 system information UKIS PlantLink allows the integration of the Siemens SCADA system SPPA-T3000 with investment information. Stuttgart, February 24, 2009 – with UKIS you receive from the Stuttgart-based software company HAUK & SASKO a transparent court system documentation. Seamless integration with the Siemens of power station Automation control technology system is new to the web-based information system SPPA-T3000. UKIS PlantLink power station wait staff provides direct access in the SPPA-T3000 system on the operating manual, system documentation, and instructions. The documents can be linked automatically flags also based on PPS or RDS-PP with the Siemens control system which greatly reduces the effort for the establishment of a comprehensive access to investment information. Joeb Moore will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Numerous other features support the planning processes, communication of stakeholders, as well as the acquisition of documentation by contractors etc.

This includes viewing and redlining of CAD drawings in the browser, the use of all relevant data formats and the ability to manage versions of technical documentation and to show the differences in the versions by a corresponding comparison functionality. HAUK & SASKO INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT mbH Zettachring 2 70567 Stuttgart ukis plant documentation press contact: Antje Will Email: Tel: 0711-72589-0 company HAUK & SASKO the Stuttgart-based software specialist HAUK & SASKO was founded in 1950 as engineer for electrical engineering in Bochum. 1981, the Division of information systems was founded in Stuttgart. The goal: information to develop, overcome information barriers in companies. These include for example solutions for knowledge and document management, for the technical system documentation, intranet platforms and for fuel management and material flow management. Customers include companies in the sectors of energy and waste disposal, Chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food and trade, as well as manufacturing and services.


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Especially in times of crisis, it is important that you make the communication with your workforce as a dialogue. It is not enough to keep motivating presentations or briefings. Listen carefully when your employees have something to say, and ask questions! They communicate absolutely on par and never from the top down. Just so you know what’s actually going on in your employees and where you can apply, to motivate them and to give them security. Also don’t forget: the company, the industry or the economy is in crisis, always also difficult times for employees are professional and private.

So be prepared possibly high waves of emotions and that you have possibly reap incomprehension or faced even attacks by employees. Continue here confidently, you have absolutely not provoke or be carried away for receding. Search and ask the causal problems or fears, and specifically to enter. When your employees feel that you care for your needs and use, that you understand what’s bothering them, and include them in the crisis, the staff will engage in Exchange with the same commitment in the company, work on the solution of the problems, and actively support the leadership. Just difficult times that were survived together, provide a fixed link and motivate for the future. For more information about the rhetoric and dialectic seminars with Stephane Etrillard, see: offeneseminare.html literature Tip: Stephane Etrillard rhetoric for professionals I sovereign interviewing in conversations, discussions and negotiations 6 CDs, approx. 330 minutes run time 4-side Guide ISBN: 978-3-937864-85-3 Publisher: Breuer & Wardin publishing resources 2006 Stephane Etrillard rhetoric for professionals II sovereign occur in presentations, discussions and interviews 6 CDs, 334 minutes runtime 4-side guide ISBN 978-3-937864-86-0 Publisher: Breuer & Wardin publishing resources 2006 can be ordered as a bundle (audio coaching program rhetoric for Profesionals I + II 12 audio CDs) at particularly favourable conditions exclusively in the online-shop of the Management Institute SECS: index.php…

More information and contact the author: Stephane Etrillard ranks among the top industry trainers and coaches. He is regarded as a leading European expert on the subject of “personal sovereignty”. With decision makers and executives, he is searched and known as Advisor and “Coaches of the new generation”. He enjoys an excellent reputation as a coach and writer. With its open seminars in the field of rhetoric and dialectic, as well as self-PR, he helps its participants to more sovereignty in all walks of life. Stephane Etrillard conveys competence from the practice for the practice. Its proven expertise emerged in the last 10 years in the observation and monitoring of several thousands of executives and salesmen from a wide variety of industries. He conducted coaching sessions and seminars up to now in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Hungary and Russia. His private clients include managers from top companies, medium-sized entrepreneurs and politicians, many people who get new impetus with him, to make your communication more effective. Numerous lectures and publications, he has become known to a wide audience. He is the author of over 20 books and audio-coaching programs, which belong to the business-top sellers. He is a popular interviewee for the press by “Cash” to “ManagerSeminare” about “Focus Money” and welcome guest in talk sessions and panel discussions. Many he is also from broadcasting interviews with “Bayern 2 radio” known. How to contact with and Interview requests: Stephane Etrillard Management Institute SECS a company of top performance Group GmbH Elbroich castle on the factor 4 D-40589 Dusseldorf phone 07 40 fax 00 53 E-Mail: Web: