How To Distinguish A Fake From The Original Spare Part Maze

The basic principle of anti-counterfeiting leadership of the Belarusian company believes a clear branding of the store or service station. To do this, made a number of requirements for the corporate identity of companies selling such a way as to constantly traced rendering of MAZ. The idea is that the car owner has to find an authorized dealer or corporate store maz included in the distribution network of the plant, where he will buy the original maz spare. We repeat that it is in these stores and auto centers with a high degree of confidence you can buy quality parts maz, no matter whether they are packaged or not. Because it is a proprietary network – this is the MAZ! We have not used the phrase “guaranteed to gain” because the citizens of Minsk are aware that their partner in the family is still not “black sheep”. Yes, in this scheme are weaknesses. There are irresponsible and highly greedy companies who used his position of official dealer of MAZ, sometimes slip counterfeit consumers.

Struggle with such dishonest businessmen underway and will continue apace. Checks without warning. Detection of counterfeit spare parts maz on the shelves and warehouses automatically lead to a rupture of partnerships with automobile unscrupulous traders. In addition, the MAZ will try to inform all the industry name and location of the company that traded counterfeit spare parts. A very important feature distinguishing a fake from the original – is the price. Most consumers have long known that all “Proprietary” products offered at a modest price, in the first place, are not, and secondly, to serve will not be long. If you know the order of prices that are looking for a low cost should lead one to ponder: Does this not go a generous discount to the detriment of a steel horse? To date, all motor parts group is already sold in their original packaging of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant. We know that these engines are used not only in trucks MAZ.

Now on spare parts maz. Leadership of the Minsk factory planning several activities to implement the package in the near future we will be able to see it. It is being developed for 200 species of the most popular parts. This should strengthen recognition of the brand. Everything is done to ensure that the consumer was convinced that he bought the original, exactly, that goes to the assembly line. It is interesting that MAZ is not engaged in holograms. As a consumer to distinguish the real hologram on a fake, even if the specialist is sometimes difficult to do? Automobile Guide believes that if “tsehoviki” possessing machine tools, were able to duplicate the original spare parts, such a trifle as holographic labels, they also do. In general, anti-counterfeiting labels alone will not succeed. If all declare that only the hologram is a sign of the original parts, be sure all counterfeit glue iridescent shiny pictures in two layers.