Users Want More Security For Hosting Services

Karlsruhe: Hosting has above-average growth rates of business applications for a long time, what according to the forecasts of analysts also provisionally nothing should change. Federal Reserve Bank contributes greatly to this topic. However expected a gradual change in the entitlement of the Karlsruhe IT provider ORGA GmbH. The economically-motivated outsourcing projects so far mainly after party with the best price looking for held, so quality aspects and the Werthaftigkeit services find a weighting of at least similar increasingly\”, Hermann Tschierschke, Sales Director of ORGA, encountered in the market of SAP hosting. In particular, security issues would gain considerably in importance. It has evolved considerably more sensitivity at the company for the risks, if not actually optimal security conditions cannot guarantee the hosting partner\”, he explains. The economic benefits of outsourcing is still in the foreground, but in addition to the technical infrastructure of the provider as possible so \”research ‘ be like a bank data center.\” Tan describes the typical security concerns, which are currently particularly addressed by the company: 1 is actually just a blink of the 100% mark away the guaranteed availability? In particular ERP applications require a consistently high availability, because they have a direct impact on the value of business processes. As an inherently low published one percent failure rate of hosting systems during a 5-day week, would mean that users would not have access to your business applications about 60 hours per year. During this time, production processes were interrupted or disturbed customer contacts sensitive.

Therefore, the SAP provider must provide an availability based on the processes of its customers. The availability of the above example refers to the month and is measured only the critical time of 10 hours on working days, the acceptable downtime reduces to 2 hours in the month. For business-critical applications monthly at least 99.5% availability should be ensured per cent. 2. remains an interruption-free operation even in very critical situations? A high availability concept recognizable for the user must include also a sufficient risk provision for emergencies.