Rustic Furniture

In the rustic style, there are trends that advocate more sophisticated materials and finishes. Official site: Joeb Moore. Thus, the final aspect of the current rustic furniture boasts naturalness characteristic of this style, but keeping the traditional lines and conserving the aromas of another time. Less country and more natural. The rustic, that style flavored field that puts a note natural and comfortable in our home, is one of the favorite decorative trends of many people. But, like everything else, also their shapes and designs have changed and evolved and offer us a new vision of the subject. New timbers.

For example: with the furniture classics of pine or oak, tropical timber, before basically employed abroad, and who have occupied increasingly more land in the rustic interiors of our days are now much. Both in the massifs, and veneers and finishes, follow full topical wenge or iroco, along with other exotic varieties. More refined decoration. Also designs they evolve, and influenced by the straight lines of minimalism. In addition, rustic environments are no longer so overloaded: floral decorations are made smoother and more refined and replaced by natural and balanced tones. Consequently, the rustic old with that classic country, floral and colorful, flavor is high chair in an atmosphere more refined and simple, with sober tones and natural qu seek, first and foremost create serene and comfortable environments. Field environment. The key to a rustic atmosphere, with full flavor to field and nature, is mixing different factors.

Coatings. Natural materials, life, such as wood, stone, or brick, treated in the traditional way, with auctions of rough or rugged appearance, are a decorative solution of first order. Today, we also find refined finishes on most modern rustic furniture, aging artificially with the help of waxes and bitumens. Other elements. In addition to the materials there are other decorative and functional elements that they are basic to round off a rustic atmosphere. Doors, Windows, walls in general, fulfilled an essential role in the confirmation of the style of a home. Therefore, imitations or restorations of tough doors with bronze or iron hardware, solid shutters, or glazing arched are some of the most practical solutions that we find today. In the market, there is a commercial furniture in a style which emphasizes by its great variety and versatility in different environments already not only in rural House but also in urban rustic.


Fabio Stussi

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