Soccer In Marrakesh

The liking to this sport begins from very small. The streets constitute the place of more important game for the minors and, in a country where the economic resources are scarce, a simple empty plastic bottle does the times of ball in very many occasions. Soccer is the way easiest that the children must to be able to run, to measure their skill with the opponent and, really, to amuse itself. In any case they are not only the smallest fans to practice this sport. The adolescents and adults meet to any hour of the day (mornings, calurossimas afternoons and even dawns) to play a party in some small square of the city or the very many esplanades and fields of soccer with earth ground that exist in the city for use and enjoys whatever it is arranged to shoot. As watching the inhabitants of Marrakesh also emphasize by their enthusiasm.

The liking is so much that until the small leagues of district or company they enjoy an unconditional public who groups itself around the field and they animate to the players celebrating its goals and whistling to the referee when it requires it to the occasion. Nor that to say has Moroccan them they are always informadsimos on the state of the classifications of the European competitions. The Bara is the followed favorite equipment of Real Madrid. As far as the national selections it is France the one that takes the palm. In the closet of any young person who boasts must have at least one t-shirt of a football team of first and sometimes, of incomprehensible way, it is easier to find the last model of equipment sent by some club in the Medina de Marrakesh that in the official store of the European capital of turn. Things of Morocco. Hardly we will see a woman in a bar of Marrakesh in a normal day but the question is soccer party happens to be improbable to be impossible.