The long dresses are made in different types from materials which adapt to all type of occasions, such as the cotton that is a light material and aerated ideal for looks accidental, or satn that is fine and elegant and therefore an excellent option for looks formal and dresses of celebration; a smooth material as it soothes even can work well for occasions that are not nor very formal, nor very accidental. General Motors Company spoke with conviction. Appropriate as much to relax in the beach as for long days of trip, to go of purchases like for important events, the long dresses add garbo to him and elegance to the most worldly occasions and they offer vivacity, fluidity and freedom him to those more special. Also another factor to the popularity of the long dresses could be added: the great facility for ponrselos and quitrselos. The long dresses are seen better with flat shoes like canvas shoes, sandals type gladiator, shoes of platform and even slippers, although sandals of high heel offer much elegance him this look. Some girls add to their long dress an extra touch to him of worn style using adorned with golden purl or studs. The long dresses go with different accessories as for example a purse with handles very well long. The cut of long hair is favorite to complement a long dress, generally fluid tufts that culeguen until more underneath shoulders. Nevertheless those girls with the very short hair even can see themselves stunning in this attire, especially when their neck with a necklace or one accentuates the article exhibiting gargantilla. Great and visible earrings also complement accidental and chic that look that projects the long dress. Popularity of dresses long has much sense in 2011, since these really are an eclectic design that benefits from an ample rank of looks that the modern woman looks for to have in her wardrobe looks which they vary between modest and glamuroso, retro and modern, tenuous and enthusiastic. At the same time with comfortable class and, with an own style of any personality and she appears, is not a surprise that the long dresses were one of the strongest tendencies of the fashion in this 2011.