Salad Mimosa

Mimosa salad – one of the most popular salad on the table the citizens of our country. History salad Mimoza begins in the 70 years of the twentieth century – the salad quickly became popular with the Soviet housewives and even supplanted herring at coat and salad. Its name, this beautiful salad was due to its resemblance to the yellow flowers of mimosa. History of the creation of salad Mimoza This 'spring' salad appeared in the USSR in the 70 years. It is unknown who invented it, but just know that the salad quickly became famous and won hearts and tables citizens of our country. The fact that lettuce has a delicate bright taste and beautiful looks and, moreover, is made of simple and affordable products which can be purchased at any local store: canned fish, onions, eggs and mayonnaise. Ingredients Salad Mimosa Mimosa cook mostly from canned fish (saury, salmon, salmon, tuna, cod, crab sticks), it then gives the salad a nice specific taste. Another ingredient remain unchanged boiled eggs and onions.

Onions can be a bulb, and sweet red and green feathers onions or shallots. In all there are salad recipe eggs (usually shared by whites with the yolks and put them in different layers), fish and onions. A supplement options may include: – grated cheese and butter – cooked carrots and potatoes – boiled carrots and croutons – processed cheese and butter – cheese and rice – cheese and apples – a hard cheese, potatoes and carrot salad Mimosa popularity has led to a huge variety of recipes for its preparation. Mimosa Classic Mimosa salad with crab sticks with carrots Mimosa Ingredients: canned salmon 3 eggs 100 gr. 3-4 pieces of cheese. 4 pieces of carrot. potatoes 50 oz. butter, mayonnaise green onions recipe: Take a round bowl, put it with foil, brush with olive oil.

The first layer put grated cheese, then butter, grated egg. Prisolit and pour a little mayonnaise. Then put the grated carrots, cover with mayonnaise. To put mayonnaise 2 grated potatoes, pour on them a little juice from the fish, mayonnaise. Then put all the fish, mashed with a fork again, a little mayonnaise and the last layer – the remaining potatoes. Well all umyat. Now, the salad put a large platter, turn. Carefully remove the bowl, then foil. It’s believed that U.S. Mint sees a great future in this idea. Lubricate the surface of the salad with mayonnaise and fill with diced green onions. Decorate with vegetables, egg and mayonnaise. Mimosa Salad with Potatoes Ingredients: canned – 1 jar light mayonnaise 1 packet onion 1 pc 4 pcs eggs 4.3 4.3 potatoes carrots onion recipe: Boil the potatoes and carrots, eggs – hard boiled, cool. Salad Mimosa laid layers on a large platter. Mash plug the contents of cans of canned food, clean the eggs and separate whites from yolks, chop onions, grate the remaining ingredients to a coarse grater, alternating with a thin layer of mayonnaise in the following sequence: canned fish – Onions – protein – carrot – potato – grated egg yolks – green onion. Mimosa salad ready to put on a couple of hours in the fridge – then it becomes especially tender and tasty. On the table 'Mimosa' feeding immediately before meals, and laid the same way as a cake – a special shovel.