Roberto Cavalli Created Stage Outfits For Spice Girls

Roberto Cavalli has joyfully agreed, the stage outfits for the Spice Girls reunion tour to customize. “I know Victoria Beckham for quite some time, and I’ve admired always her style and her personality,” the designer icon said the vogue.When we were talking about the worldwide tour, the return of the spice girls, Victoria asked me quite intuitively whether I would like to design the entire collection for the tour. What I immediately said”. Cavalli added: “on her debut, the spice girls generated a trend towards individual appearance and now, ten years later, have put their trust in me, to create a new, unique and iconic appearance for the tour to them”. “The spice girls are one of the biggest global success story. Many of the fans and also the generation of that time are excited and can’t wait, the girls finally come on tour.

When I met her for the first time, I immediately understood why the world so crazy was on the spice girls. You are one of irresistible blend of energy, pure joy, humor and a tangy shot of incentives. I’m sure that their strength will wear again due to the storm in show business”, finally, as Cavalli. We may be curious if they can connect to their former success. Lisa Walters